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The Rock And Roll Dream

In 1999, legend has it that on the beautiful island of Taiwan in the Pacific, the cradle of C-pop music, a group of confident, courageous, tender, cool and beautiful girls found LUCKY SHAMROCK band. Yi-Jing, a girl who loves singing, sings a life-changing song, LOVE, while reminiscing their journey from mimicking their idol of Beatles, writing and singing their own songs, chasing their dreams of girl rock and roll, and starting their journey of love.

She starts her dream from her hometown, Hsinchu, the Windy City, and by accidents, her college dream becomes a nightmare as she and her schoolmates are tricked into an empty promise, however, the rock girls brave their way in starting a revolution in their school in singing the spirit of their true-self. The roses that can’t be compressed, their LUCKY SHAMROCK band conquers the Kenting Music Festival of the southern end of Taiwan, to the Gongliao Hohaiyan Rock Festival, beating out ZHI-ANG’s boy band, CYCLES, to win the Hohaiyan Indie Music Award and a record deal, but hit with harsh reality of CD music piracy and online MP3 music.
She goes through sacrifice of her true-self for making her dream come true, while as a Taiwan All Girls Idol Group, S.H.E, they have bursted onto the scene of world’s C-pop in Asia’s music market, as she unfortunately falls into the trap of Bill, a lying showbiz con-man, and damages her relationship with her school love. In the midst of her confusion about reality, she returns to her childhood room, sees her original love of singing, and finds her determination in realizing her rock-and-roll dream with her friends, as well as finding their true loves in life.

  • Chi Hsiu Chen
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    Musical, Comedy
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    Chinese, English
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  • Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition
    September 3, 2017
    2017 Winners Top Finalists
  • Capital Fund Screenplay Competition
    July 4, 2017
    2017 The Hot 100 Winners
  • Women Who Write in Film International Screenplay Competition
    New York
    March 30, 2018
    2018 Semi-Finalists
    March 31, 2019
  • "Your Script Produced!" Worldwide Screenwriting Competition
    September 20, 2019
Writer Biography - Chi Hsiu Chen

Chi Hsiu Chen

She is a writer/director of diverse short films The One, Run Away from Smoking, Dark Forest and documentary films Member, Before Noon who also studies in a workshop of Film Project and Screenplay, Film Marketing and Distribution in TNUA, worked with Gabrielle Kelly Associate Arts Professor of NYU TischAsia and Drew Roublick, Producer & Casting Director, optioned Rock And Roll Dream for international media producing program. IMDb,

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ZSHOWFILM Studio founded in 2011, dedicated to capturing the value of human kindness through camera lens, develop the film screenplays of high drama for international Chinese-language movie market, innovate the subject matters of stories, and create a great diversity of film genres. With a creative way, share the story about life experience, illuminating your heart and changing the world via Film x Music. Enjoy your life via film.