A celebration of world cinema, the Rochester Independent Global Film Festival will be held in Rochester, New York on May 2, 2020 and will feature 8-12 films (depending on running times). We recently changed the date of the event in order to extend our deadline and welcome more submissions.

Home of Eastman Kodak and nicknamed "The World's Image Center", Rochester has a long history of supporting the performing arts and is the birthplace of numerous renowned artists including Oscar-winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar-nominated actor John Lithgow, Oscar-nominated actor Robert Forster, actress Kristen Wiig and soprano Renée Fleming.

Silent film star Louise Brooks spent the last years of her life in Rochester writing her memoir, “Lulu in Hollywood”. Known for her independent spirit and displeasure for pretentiousness, she is one of the influences behind the event. The other influence is Susan B. Anthony, a women's rights activist who played a key role in the women's suffrage movement. She moved to Rochester with her family in 1845 and was partly responsible for women being granted the right to vote in the United States.

RIFF truly embraces independent filmmaking. We want to see stories told from the heart- a story that you were so passionate about, you picked up a camera and just started shooting because you had to tell it. We don’t care if you have a production company, a distribution company or if you are representing yourself. We just want to be moved by your story.

Our audience will vote in three categories, each inspired by a local icon.

Independent Film Award (Inspired by Louise Brooks)
Best Film By a Woman Director (Inspired by Susan B. Anthony)
Best Cinematography (Inspired by George Eastman)

Films must be no longer than 25 minutes (including credits) and have been completed after January 1, 2018.