Road number one

Documentary, poetic, philosophical film about my pilgrimage to St. In the way of Jacob. Route-Le Puy en Velay to Saint Jean Pied de Port (France) and Porto-Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
Movie in three parts, total duration 1.48

  • Vigmantas Balevičius
  • Vigmantas Balevičius
  • Vigmantas Balevičius
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Television
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 48 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 6, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    3,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    France, Portugal, Spain
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Full HD
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • The Lift-Off Sessions
    United Kingdom
    March 30, 2021
Distribution Information
  • Vigmantas Balevicius
    Country: Lithuania
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Vigmantas Balevičius

Vigmantas Balevičius,

About myself:

I was born 1968.05.03 in city Kaunas, Lithuania. Graduated secondary school, the University of Technology in Kaunas, learned musical school, various courses.I‘m author various TV broadcastings, musical video clips, worked at TV news, etc. Over 30 years I‘m working at art photography. Main exhibition in Chicago, USA, and with others in Kaunas 2011, Lithuania. Also, my photos are printing in Lithuanian magazines.
Create instrumental music (8 albums) for films, songs, for poetry, etc.


1.“SSIK“ klubas 2003
2.“Kareivėliai“, „Samanta kviečia“, „Kalėdų daina“, „Te visad šviečia saulė“, „Žibuoklė“,
3.“16Hz grupė „Dėl tavęs“


1.“Dzukija national parc“-documentary, 28min., 1998, -create music.
2.“Zemaitija national parc“-documentary, 30 min.,1998,-create music and editing.
3.“University of Agriculture“-documentary, 52 min.,2005, - ((with other author) director, editing) camera,music.
4.“Mikrovisata“- film about TV company-documentary, 15min.,2006-screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
5.“Mikrovisata TV“- film about TV company-documentary, 10min.,2007-screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
6.“Flight Lituanica“-documentary, 30min.,2008,-screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
7.“Film about education centre“-documentary, 30min.,2008,- screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
8.“Wanished to be Reborn“-feature, 1h30min.- camera,part of screenplay.
9.“Emotions in Autumn“- musical,experimental, 5.30 min.,2009- screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
10.“Emotions in Winter“- musical,experimental, 4.30 min.,2009- screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
11.“Glass Beads and Colors“ - musical,experimental, 4.30 min.,2010-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
12.“Music Lesson“ - musical,experimental, 4.04 min.,2011-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
13.“Art Lesson“ - musical,experimental, 2.46 min.,2011-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
14.“Revived Light“ - musical,experimental, 3.33 min.,2011-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
15. Documentary film about Skirmantas Valiulis –„Portrait eskize“ 2012.
16.“Vivoavanscena“-documentary,27 min.,2013-camera, editing partialy director.
17.“Path“- philosophical, musical,experimental, 5.32 min.,2017- creenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
18.“Ghost“- musical,experimental, 4.31 min.,2015-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
19.“Time“- philosophical, musical,experimental, 7.14 min.,2015-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
20.“SSIC“-documentary film about child club activity, 36.20 min., 2013-2015- screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
21. Doc. film „Vaikai“ (Childs) 2017
22. „Fashion sense“- exp. film. 2.22min., 2017
23. „Memory islands“-exp. film, 2.10min., 2017
24. „Time Long“, philosophical, musical,experimental, 10.18 min.,2018-
screenplay, camera,director,editing,music.
25. „Kvarken Archipelago Impression“ CC, documentary film, 11.18 min., 2019- screenplay, camera,director,editing,music
26. „Kelias Nr. 1“ (The Way Nr. 1), Part 1, documentary film about oldest Santiago way, 49.55 min., 2016-2019- screenplay, camera, director, editing, music.
27. „Kelias Nr. 1“ (The Way Nr. 1), Part 2, documentary film about oldest Santiago way, 38.49 min., 2016-2020- screenplay, camera, director, editing, music.

1. Role in short film “Where is feeling?”
2. Starring supporting roles in the film "Emily from Laisves aleja" in 2015
3. Mass scene at “Telia” Ad in 2019

Photo exhibitions:

1.Group exhibitions in Chicago, USA 2000, 2001, 2002
2.Kaunas „Gamta kaista“ dalyvis
3.Kauno MTKC „Žiemos etiudai“ 2014-2015
4.Festivalis „Nykoka“ dalyvis 2015
5. Group Photography exhibition People & Winter, Blank & Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece 2017
6. Group Photography exhibition „Kai Grybais Lietus Lis“, Varėna, Lietuva 2017
7. „Lietuvai 100“-dalyvis 2018
8. Group Photography exhibition „Travelers“, Blank & Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece 2018
9. Group Photography exhibition „Conceptual“, Blank & Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece 2018
10. Group Photography exhibition „Cityscape“, Blank & Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece 2018
11. Group Photography exhibition „Mondial Photo Salon“, „Vol sur le Ocean“, Paris, France 2018
12. Group Photography exhibition „CIP Festival“, Chania, Greece 2019
13. Group Photography exhibition „ESPY Photography Awards“, Wales, UK 2019
14. Group Photography exhibition „LOOSEN ARTS Gallery“ „Glitches and Defects“, Roma, Italy 2019
15. Group Photography exhibition „LOOSEN ARTS Gallery“ „The Game“, Roma, Italy 2019

1.Teacher of filmmaking and videoart in KMKC 5 years.
1. Lecture at Vytautas Magnus university 2005.
2. Lectures at “Stop Frame “ workshops 2007-2018.
3.Lectures “How to create film” in Kulautuva 2013-2014.
4. Lectures about films creativity at Kaunas Library 2014.
5.Seminars for IT teachers 2013-2014.
6. Lectures “How to create film” in seminar KMTKC 2017.

1.Writing travel articles and photos in specialized Lithuanian travel magazin „Travel and Entertainment“ 2010-2019
2.Recencies and introductions.


3. „Bang“ videoart festival, Barcelona, Espania
4. P. Abukevičiaus filmų apie gamtą konkursas 2018

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Director Statement

Vigmantas Balevičius,