Route One Entertainment and Roadmap Writers have partnered again for our second annual film and television competition!

Route One's projects have starred: Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Ellen Page, Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Stewart, Emma Thompson, Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfred Molina, Allison Janney and Julia Roberts. Credits include Tallulah, The Circle, Landline, Colossal, A Walk in the Woods, Secret in Their Eyes, Equals, Free State of Jones and the upcoming thriller The Claim, written by Damien Chazelle (director/writer of La La Land).

Submit your feature script, pilot script or short script. All genres will be considered *except* gory horror.

Writers also have the opportunity to write and submit an original 10-page short story that can potentially be expanded into a full feature or pilot instead of an actual script!​​

Winner will receive a $1,000 18-month option with Route One Entertainment and the winning project will be put on Route One's development slate.

To show even further commitment to the project, Route One will produce a proof of concept and/or short film of the winning script to generate buzz leading up to producing the full project, a model made famous by Whiplash.

Submitting your script means you agree to the below rules and guidelines.
​Rules and Guidelines:

Please submit your screenplay(s) between 5-120 pages max (standard industry margins and font)

Please include cover page with your name, scripts name, and contact information. This should include just a title, author name, WGA registration number and/or Copyright information. The cover page does not count towards the overall script page count.

No Gore-horror will be accepted nor reviewed.

Must be written in English in 12-point courier font.

Scripts submitted in the competition must NOT have been previously optioned, purchased or produced at the time of entry.

Scripts submitted to the competition must not have received grand prize awards from other competitions.

Screenwriters who have had previous feature or pilot screenplays produced and distributed by non-independent means are ineligible.

Must be 18 years old and over to apply.

No TV specs (i.e. Broad City Spec, Veep Spec, The Office spec, etc)

Must be an original idea ; free and clear of any copyright issues.

In the event of multiple writers, list all additional co-writers. No attachments (producers, directors, actors).

Do NOT cheat in an effort to keep the page count to 120 or less, your script will be disqualified. As a standard rule, 1.5” left, 1” right and 1” top and bottom dimensions are acceptable.

Roadmap Writers / Route One Entertainment are not responsible for screenplays stolen or lost in transit.

Roadmap Writers / Route One Entertainment Screenplay Competition readers’ decisions are final.

Multiple screenplays may be submitted but each screenplay is required to pay separate registration fees.

See the Submission Agreement for a full list of Terms and Conditions for submitting an entry.

To enter the Roadmap Writers/ Route One Entertainment Screenplay Competition, you must agree to its Terms and Conditions​

About Route One Entertainment

Route One Entertainment is a finance and production company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Route One’s mission is to invest in and produce diversified portfolios of highly marketable, premiere entertainment projects. By investing in a blend of competitive properties aimed at the rapidly expanding global entertainment market – including film, TV and digital content -- Route One intends to maximize the portfolio effect of entertainment financing and drive a more predictable and sustainable ROI to investors. The company believes this strategy can provide an innovative and sustainable model for funding independently financed entertainment. To see more, please visit:

About Roadmap Writers

Roadmap Writers is an educational hub for writers to connect with and learn from hundreds of executives on our roster with online classes, pitch sessions and consulting programs. In only one year Roadmap has helped over 30 writers get signed and/or optioned/picked up by companies like Circle of Confusion, Route One Entertainment, Zero Gravity, Gersh, Gotham Group, The Shuman Company, Lee Stobby Entertainment, APA, Bleiberg Entertainment, DMG Entertainment and Hopscotch Pictures.

Terms & Conditions:

The winning submission will only be produced when an option is granted to Route One Entertainment.

Terms of option/purchase agreement will vary based on Guild status, the type of project chosen and required budget.

Roadmap Writers and Route One Entertainment do not procure or attempt to procure employment for Participant Writer.

​​With the exception of the Winner’s Writing, Roadmap Writers and Route One Entertainment do not procure or attempt to procure the purchase of the Participant Writer’s Material.

​​Route One shall retain the right to control the Winner’s project in producing and developing the proof of concept, teaser or short of the winning script, including but not limited to assigning all crew such as producers, directors, actors, etc., and attempting to procure the purchase of the Winner’s project during the 18-month option period.

Route One shall retain all rights to the final produced product.

Option period for the winner’s idea will be limited to an 18-month option. This 18-month option period will include the production of the short and/or proof of concept, seeking future development opportunities, and subsequent production of the winning concept.

​​After the expiration of the 18-month option, an option of renewal may be exercised. If renewal is not exercised, Route One Entertainment will retain the right of first refusal for any future production outside of the 18-month window.