The inaugural gathering of mountain biking’s best films hits the big screen this spring featuring epic adventures, legendary lines, stellar storytelling, and interstellar athletes. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the sport we love among friends and fellow disciples of dirt.

The Ritual Film Tour is being brought to you in collaboration with Anthill Films, Warren Miller Entertainment, Freehub Magazine, KGB Productions and more.

Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) created an industry based on building the excitement of the coming ski season. Screenings became annual gatherings of fans to tell stories and share the stoke of what would be their ‘greatest season ever’.

In that same storytelling and anticipatory vibe, they will be reaching another hard-charging, passionate audience of outdoor enthusiasts with their launch of a mountain bike-based film tour. The nationwide event hits the trail late this Spring and is set to make 35+ stops along the way - just as the thirst for the first ride on dry singletrack is peaking.

Exposure to over 75 Cities

All films will require all footage and music to be fully licensed for theatrical release and all forms of distribution in all Territories

Must be filmed in High Definition
Length 4-12 minutes full runtime
Sponsors can be displayed
We only take fully edited pieces.