Riding the Steel Breeze

In 1995, a disgraced former LA Times reporter, JC Wyatt, who now works for a supermarket tabloid, investigates a story about a Professor, who has created a formula that prevents nuclear reactions from taking place. Believing this might be something big, and lacking credibility, he tries to enlist his former girlfriend, and current Pulitzer prize winning LA times journalist, Tracey Holmes to investigate with him. Chased by a hardnosed FBI agent who wants them to drop the investigation, as well as Russian and Israeli spies, JC and Tracey start to believe there may be something to this formula. The only way to prove that the formula works is to use it on an upcoming protest filled Nuclear Bomb test in the Nevada desert.
Connecting with Dr. Judith Stanton, a former Nuclear scientist, and current Nuclear test protestor, JC and Tracey pursue proof that the formula works. Provided the formula in aerosol form by the Professor, the three of them use the cover of the thousands of people protesting the Nuclear test, to infiltrate the Air Force base, and make their way to the Nuclear test site. Climbing down an air shaft to the bomb test, they are confronted by the FBI agent who told them to give it up, and now locks them into the bomb test area, where their lives depend on the formula working.

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Writer Biography - MICHAEL D ELLIS

Wrote 5 full length screenplays including:
Power Move -
Honorable Mention - Best Comedy - Los Angeles Film Awards - June 2020
Selected - Screenplay Festival - October 2020
Selected - Portland Comedy Film Festival October 2020
Selected - Houston Comedy Film Festival - September 2020
Selected - Austin Spotlight Film Festival - September 2020
Selected - Script & Storyboard Showcase September 2020
Selected - Portland Comedy Festival - September 2020

The George Sander Affair-
Winner - Best Screenplay 2018 Seal Beach Film Festival
Gold winner Best comedy - Houston Film Festival
Semi Finalist - 2020 Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay awards
Bronze winner - Comedy - Charleston Film Festival

Corazon Matters -
Semi Finalist - 2020 Mallorca International Film Festival
Semi Finalist - 2018 Seal Beach Film Festival

Paid to write screenplay from old Playhouse 90 show called "The Comedian" for Harmony Pictures - Mickey Dolenz

Story Structure - Truby's Writers Studio - John Truby, Instructor

Sitcom Writing - Truby's Writers Studio - John Truby, Instructor

Love Story Writing -Truby's Writers Studio-John Truby, Instructor

Comedy Writing - Truby's Writers Studio - John Truby, Instructor

World Myth - Truby's Writers Studio - John Truby, Instructor

Intern for several years at the John Truby Studio

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