Best Documentary: What Ever Happened to Oranges - Robert Kyker

Best 5 Minute: Yellow - Campbell Rice

Best 10 Minute: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

Best Director: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

Best Screenplay: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

Best Actor: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

Best Actress: Unforgettable - kary Rodriguez

Best Cinematography: Unforgettable - Cadiz Rodriguez

Best Editing: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

Best Sound Design: Unforgettable - Kristian Robateau

Best production Design: Redesigning Dreams - Rachel Beahm

Judges Trophy: Unforgettable - Matthew Mohlenhoff

People's Choice: Doors - Shannon Graham

Women in Film: Doors - Shannon Graham


Southeastern University's Revolution Film Festival, now in its thenth year, celebrates short films that exhibit moral transformation through their characters and the experiences that guide these moral expeditions.

Best Short (2-5 and 5-10 minute categories)
Production Design
Sound Design
Judges Trophy

-General Festival Invitation-

All film submissions ar eligible to win the Judge's Trophy and People's Choice.

-Content Policy-

Revolution film festival welcomes and celebrates diverse creative voices in film. However, RFF reserves the right to refuse films that feature explicit or gratuitous, language, nudity, violence, or political content.

For further clarification or questions, please contact the festival office.

-Short Film Submissions-

1. By submitting to the festival, the applicant grants his or her consent to the festival to exhibit the submission in any form or method, as well as any production stills and associated materials in any of its media or exhibition efforts for perpetuity.

2. Submissions must be consistent with the thematic premise of the Revolution Film Festival (featuring moral transformation of characters).

3. All film submissions must comply with the Revolution Film Festival content policy.

4. All music included in each submission must be original or royalty free unless express written permission has been granted for the use of any copyrighted music.

5. Revolution Film Festival will not accept films that have been submitted to previous years festivals, and the film must have been completed within the last two years.

6. Applicants submitting films that contain significant non-English spoken dialogue must provide on-screen subtitles in English.

7. In order to be considered for the festival, the applicant must fill out and submit a festival submission form for each entry by the deadline.

8. Collegiate filmmakers must be able to provide proof of current enrollment at Southeastern University upon request.

9. Best 0-5 minute category and Best 6-10-Minute categories will be presented to the best collegiate narrative submissions within the respective total running time constraints: Best 5-Minute films must have a runtime within 2 minutes to 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Best 10-Minute films must have a runtime within 6 minutes to 10 minutes and 45 seconds. (i.e., a 5-minute submission must have a TRT within 02:00:00 and 05:45:00).

10. No substitutions, corrections or new drafts will be accepted once the film has been submitted.

Overall Rating
  • Harrison School for the Arts

    We enjoy attending the Revolution Film Festival at SEU each year!

    May 2017
  • Kal Thiyagarajan

    A wonderful festival to be associated with. Highly recommend it!

    April 2017
  • Mark Zettek

    Overall a fairly nice festival. Very low turnout compared to the previous year. The venues for screening were very poor quality for initial screenings, but the screening venue for the awards ceremony was very nice. Competition was tough this year from foreign counties such as France and Iran, these films won most of the categories. Revolution is still very much worth a film submission, but there is room for improvement. Most collegiate level films do not stand much of a chance for nomination.

    April 2017
  • S├ębastien Pins

    Great festival. Great people! Well worth the submission.

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the review and best of luck with your future films!

  • Saman Hosseinpuor

    Good Festival, But i still didn't got my prize!

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your review. Good luck with your festival screenings.