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Revenge - Blood For Blood - (Part of screenplay)

‘’Revenge: Blood for Blood’’ tells the story of a young skinhead who is serving a life sentence in Moscow for the murder of three civil servants. He is part of a skinheads protection group that deals with "getting things back to normal." Journalist Irina gets a job to interview him and find out the reasons for his activities. Over time, he discovers a dark conspiracy behind a "powerful scene." It is being considered that some politicians from Moscow knew about the case of illegal trafficking in exotic animals, which is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars around the world. The exotic animal trade is worth $20 billion a year, and arms and drug smuggling is one of the most lucrative industries. The case of Argent skinhead may shake some people's positions... It is believed that Argent is protecting several different people in important positions, that the murders were faked, but this secret has not yet been revealed... Skinhead Argent Serafimsky has pointed to a $300 million trade over the past few years. The key determinants are the Ministry of Environment, secret multimillion-dollar accounts, the murders of some officials...
"The three government officials killed may have been involved in a $300 million deal... The case of the three murdered officers has not been solved. Skinhead Argent Serafimski has been charged with the murder of three officials. Is this murder staged?
(In the last scene, where he pays attention to the whole affair, endangered animals are visible, and the title "World poker board cards dedicated to the illegal trade in exotic animals have always had owners. Who is the real owner of this game?"
After the murder of some journalists working on in this case, journalist Irina realizes that the devil has taken the joke, that she is no longer safe. She meets skinhead Argent again and becomes close to his motorcycle-skinheaded group that helps him escape from prison and from Russia. Eventually, she flees with him to a safe country where they both decide to become wildlife advocates and cooperate with the United Nations sector.

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