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Retain the memory of Zhengzhou industry, the past and present of the second grinding wheel factory

A history of the factory, half of the history of Zhengzhou. For Zhengzhou, the national cotton factory, grinding wheel factory, Zheng coal machine, etc. were once the mainstay of industrial construction in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou, and were the marks of the times of the city's development. From the founding of New China to the 90s of last century, these enterprises were like brilliant pearls, standing tall up the backbone of Zhengzhou's industry and radiating the dazzling light made in Zhengzhou to the world. If the living area of the cotton spinning mill tells the history of Zhengzhou's textile industry, then the second grinding wheel factory standing behind me allows people to see the glory of Zhengzhou's industry more than half a century ago.

  • 相廷 郭
  • 相廷 郭
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    Documentary, Student, Television, Web / New Media
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    14 minutes 15 seconds
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    March 14, 2023
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    0 CNY
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    Yes - 平顶山学院