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Restaurant la Vérité - the American Dream

As a homeless three-star chef and his 12-year-old black guardian child are thwarted in earning a living, being discriminated against by the owner of a restaurant next door, they must find a creative response to turn the table into a promising future.

  • Benn Flore
    Inspector Renz Vos, Just Divorced, l’Ultimo Ballo
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  • Los Angeles Edge, Winner
  • Rome Prisma, Finalist
  • Southern San Francisco Screenwriting Festival, Finalist
  • Atlanta Filmfestival
  • Richmond Filmfestival
Writer Biography - Benn Flore

On the days he isn't playing soccer with his grandchildren, Benn Flore, Dutch published author and marketer with his own agency, Florad Fantasy, works on novels, screenplays, and every year one (short) movie production. A long time ago, he wrote for Dutch TV comedians and had his cartoons published in newspapers. After retiring from his local marketing agency, Benn took up writing once more. Five of Flore's books have been published, and a few have been (native) translated into English and adapted into short films. In 2010 Benn Flore won the Dutch local version of the American/Dutch Roosevelt Award by the Roosevelt Academy with his first novel Three Religions, One Killer. The award was presented by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s great-grandchildren. His first two screenplays also were awarded and ranked quarter and semi-finalists in cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Rome and Cannes. His short film adaptions were screened in Turin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Lisbon and the Netherlands.

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Creativity, results, the pleasure of working with motivated people and a little fun. 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 makes 10.