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The space war between light side and dark side is won by Light side. Retreat Dark side rebel armies attack to planets that they have landed. Beetle Woods have same situation. Empire Nomend Lexter ask to make superhumans to protect their world from this huge army. They use two babies for research, One baby died while experiment as they thaught and sciencetists float that child’s dead body on sea. Other child live well he named Titan Samuwel. Other child’s dead body stops at island in south west. People on island, recover child with ancient medicines. Aziral Cambata the union leader of island adopted child like his own son and his real son Nalvi Cambata is a captain and he has huge war fleet. Child named Mike Cambata by Aziral. Mike grown up with amazing talents and one day their island under attacked. People get togather for this and starts revolt against the rebel kingdom. Aziral Cambata die on first war against classification empire. Mike Cambata take the lead and manage the small revolt to world war and he know about his truth and change his name to Mike Rezonal Cambata.
Universe first Engladur Scotch Arnold now make his republic. He sends reinforcement fleet under the empire Rocky Matanza. But Rezonal have to turn off planet shields to take reinforcements inside. Rezonal freed the west part of world and meet Titan Samuwel once at Inamorta island. Both of them try to take Axe of Inamorta but Rezonal take it but he fails to defeat Titan. Rezonal find his brother Nalvi Cambata and brothers launch the revolt. At the last war Rezonal fails and his friends, Nalvi, Nicoloy and Elda arrested by Titan’s army but armies fighting without leaders. Luke Arnold, Window Maximus and Annie Fernands secretly shut down Beetle Woods shield and let Rocky to enter to planet. Rocky Matanza takes the lead of Rezonal’s army and his army and defeat Titan’s army. He freed Rezonal and all Prisoneers. Rezonal fight with Titan and defeats him and be the first General Director of Bricktonya IV and he met his real parents.

  • Thisith Priyanga Kumarasiri
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    Sri Lanka
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    Yes - SCBCK Collage
Writer Biography - Thisith Priyanga Kumarasiri

known for Space World story series. He didn’t archived any award yet but reaching to it. His stories similar to Star wars, Avengers and Justice league so the next challenging new superhero story series is with him now. Interested and talented in some fields as Author, film screenplay writer and Game designer. Before he reach at least eighteen, he is very different character among his same age children. His is sri lankan and still learning child.

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He wants to give a clue about the future of man kind from his stories and wants to show there is no good future beyond us if we continues our day to day life like this. World have to change to make better future, One day his hope is helping to world wide poor but talented people and make new, better future for planet earth.