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Rescue From The Dead - chain of command (pilot)

In the mist of a Nation wide crisis, a coast guard helicopter pilot takes command of a rescue team and defies military orders to search for his missing wife and daughter.

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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Thomas was born in Santa Ana, CA and is the middle child of five. His Father was a 30+ year veteran of the Marine Corps. Thomas lived in four states before the age of five. Thomas' mother was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Thomas attended Elementary School in the Bronx then went on to attend one year in a Commercial High School before moving with his father to Bricktown NJ. Thomas attended his remaining years of High School in NJ before moving back to his roots in the Bronx. In the early eighties, Thomas began his first job with a company that manufactured first aid kits for the Military. Thomas became interested in writing while in high school and in the early eighties began to write what would become his first self published novel, Restless Hearts. Through the nineties Thomas went on to write two more novels, Crossroads and Young Hearts (a prequal to Restless Hearts), that he self-published in 2007. Thomas completed his forth novel, Mob Related in 2010 and his fifth, Edge Of Reality, in 2011. His most recent novel is, Crossing Roads (a sequel to Crossroads). Thomas now resides in Carmel, New York where he is now working on a pilot script for a new television series, Rescue From The Dead.

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