Represent is a short-film festival dedicated to shifting the narratives told about people of color through stories that reflect on our ever-growing dreams, realities and imaginations.

The festival aims to provide a platform for us to share our own narratives on our own terms. Whether through production, talent, or storytelling, it is essential that we have a role in the frameworks of filmmaking that allows us to reflect our own cultural, ethnic, and linguistic identities.

We invite filmmakers of color between the ages of 16 - 25 to submit short films that center PoCs as creators and subjects. This may include films that reflect you and/or your collective identity to push the limits of typical depictions of PoCs in film, depictions which are often mischaracterized, racist, or reliant on traumatic histories.

While the content of submissions doesn’t need to explicitly focus on the topic of identity, who we are inherently shapes our work, so we welcome films that explore identity in varying degrees.

Do you have a film that portrays an ideal reflection of your cultural, ethnic, or linguistic heritage? Are you working on a project that counters the prevailing interpretations of identity or culture we see around us? Are you a creator who has consciously cultivated diversity and inclusion throughout your filmmaking process? Show us how you choose to reflect yourself in your work.

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1) Productions must be led by people of color; we understand that filmmaking is a collaborative practice that requires teams of people with many roles and understand that there are bound to be crews comprised of people with many different identities. We invite diverse crews to submit work and will prioritize those led primarily by crews of color.

2) Submissions may be located within the United States or Internationally.

3) Films will be selected based on excellence in story, relation to the theme of “shifting the narrative,” production quality, and creativity/originality.

4) Films must not exceed a running time of 25 minutes.

5) Works-in-progress will not be admitted. 

6) There is no limit to the number of films you can submit. Please fill out separate entry forms for each film.  

7) All films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles. 

8) There are no limitations on films that have already been previously showcased or screened.

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Overall Rating
  • Wish I could've attended, but the whole team over at Anti-Racist Classroom and Sade were awesome in terms of communication, and cultivating a space by and for Black and POC filmmakers.

    October 2019