Akhsan, an introverted man who has feelings for his best friend, Hanna. One day, Hanna came to Akhsan's house to give him an invitation to her wedding. Akhsan is full of regret. He wrote a fantasy story with Hanna that had never happened in his life.

  • Arif Patrialis Haditomo
  • Jihan Fathyanisa
  • Arif Patrialis Haditomo
  • Meira Rai Rizqita
  • Hanif M Hakim
    Key Cast
  • Medina N
    Key Cast
  • Panji Christianto Herlambang
  • Ismail Noer Ardhi
    Manager Production
  • Fairuz Firdaus
    Line Producer
  • Adnin Farizie
    Line Producer
    Unit Production Manager
  • Yopi Muhammad Dzikri
    Location Manager
  • Farhan Nurdin
    Assistant Director
  • Hizwa Januar Muhammadi
    Director of Photography
  • Laudza Dermaga
    Assistant Cinematographer
  • Andi Pujiarman Al-Fattah
    Camera Person
  • Rai Sanggara
    Camera Person
  • Nabiel Muhammad Mashabi
    Second Camera Assistant
  • Abdul Arsyi Al-Mulki
  • Difa Oktakirana
    Best Boy Grip
  • Rizkyansyah Ramadhan
    Best Boy Grip
  • Adyatma Adzantabilhaq
    Best Boy Grip
  • Fajri Nur Hidayat
    Production Design
  • Riza Asriyanti
    Art Crew
  • Aghniya Al Mahmudah
    Art Crew
  • Devi Novitasari
    Art Crew
  • Kinanti Putri R
  • JIhan Fathyanisa
  • Hafizh Garda
    Sound Engineer
  • Seno Maulana
    Sound Engineer
  • Choerul Rizky
    Script Continuity
  • Martya Fani
    Visual Continuity
  • Mochammad Fajar Akbar
  • Kevin Chandra
  • M Farid
    Poster Illustrator
  • Hafizh Garda
    Sound Designer
  • Deriel Rayu Sudiro
    Sound Designer
  • Andi Ahmad Faisal
  • Rifki
    Still Image Person
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 54 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 12, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    280 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Indonesian
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Arif Patrialis Haditomo

Arif Patrialis Haditomo, Born in Bandung, November 29, 2001. Now studying at the Indonesian Education University majoring in Film and Television. Arif has made the short film Kau dan Kisahku (2019), as a writer and director, and the last one is the short film Pulang (2020) as a writer and director. Arif has also written several short films such as Belenggu (2020), Talak (2021), and Retak (pre-pro 2021). In addition, he has also been the Director of Photography in the short film Talak (2021), The Moon is Beautiful Isn't? (2021), Burger (2021), and Crack (pre-pro 2021).

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Director Statement

The film with the theme of "Love in Silence" is intended for teenagers to adults who are experiencing love experiences that are almost similar to the contents of the story so that the message implied in this film will feel close to their lives.

This film focuses on how miserable the life of an introverted man who's in love with his female best friend but he never dares to express it which he regrets for the rest of his life. I also want to emphasize that staying silent and harboring such deep feelings for someone will never solve the situation, it will even make things worse.

So that in the end our mind (logic) and our heart (feeling) will intersect with each other. In addition, I also want to convey to the audience that loving in silence can take the form of any situation.
For example, when we love someone but are embarrassed to express it, or maybe when we express these feelings, we fear that it will cause damage to the friendship. Or even when we have to love someone without being able to express it because someone we love is gone, and so on.

Therefore, I hope that making this film can motivate people to be more daring to do anything when we feel capable and especially when our souls and bodies are still one.