Welcome to Rendezvous Film Festival at Amelia Island FL - a Film Makers Haven where we spend 4 days celebrating the art of independent films and the dedicated souls who make them.

The 13th Annual Rendezvous Film Festival on Amelia Island (The Isle of Eight Flags) will take place September 24-27, 2020. Events and Screenings are all within walking distance in our historic downtown (home of the oldest saloon in Florida, birth place of the shrimping industry and home of pirates) district with amazing fresh food, quaint shops, southern hospitality and stunning views of nature. Amelia Island has also hosted numerous films over the years such as G.I. Jane, Sunshine State, the 1988 Pippi Longstocking adaptation and The Manchurian Candidate.

For the 13th Annual Rendezvous we're bringing back our recently added Script Writing Competition. Rendezvous Board Members consulted with producers and screenwriters to develop our competition to ensure it's not just a competition but a learning experience with opportunities for growth. Screenwriters are invited to submit screenplays for short films (30 pages or less) that haven't been produced.

Readers for the screenplays will consist of Award Winning Writiers, Directors and Producers. The TOP 10 selected Screenplays will be invited to a Pitch Competition at the 13th Annual Film Festival, where the writers will have VIP passes for the weekend. The Pitch Competition will be before a live audience and a professional panel.

After feedback from last years first every Rendezvous Screenwriting competition we have made some tweeks to to our program. This years screenwriting competition will invite the Top 10 screenwriters to the festival with VIP Passes, a slot at the pitch competition, and professional notes / feedback from the screenwriting judges. The Top 5 screenplays will also be part of a table read with audience.

Screenplay judging will be based on: plot, characters, formatting, pacing, mechanics, dialouge and marketability.

**Please note that our screenplay competition is not designed to designate 1st place or otherwise but is a way to get professional feedback and exposure for your script and talents. Each script received is reviewed and scored off the metric system created by John Boles, professional screenwriter, screenwriter professor and professional coverage provider. The score is not meant for ranking but to designate who qualifies for the table read, feedback and festival invites.

In addition to workshops, screenings, welcome mixer, after parties, an under the stars gala, green room for filmmakers, swag bags, a pitch fest and table reads we're continuing our Sunday Brunch for filmmakers. And since everyone loved the film tour of possible locations during the 12th annual film festival we've decided to bring it back again for the 13th annual with a bag breakfast and tour of places to help you plan your next film.

Awards will be given to the Best Actor, Actress, Child Actor, Screenplay, Feature, Student, Short, Florida Film, Director, Female Director. Awards are subject to change based on the submissions received.

All selected films received 1 VIP pass and all cast and crew are offered 1/2 off tickets.

Film Submisions:
1. Student Films must submit Student ID's to verify student statues with submissions.
2. All films submitted must have been completed since 2016
3. All those submitting their films agree that they have the full permission and rights to submit the films.

Screenplay Competition:
1. Must be original screenplays
2. Must be submitted by the writer
3. Must be 30 pages or less
4. Must be an unproduced screenplay
Screenplay judging will be based on: plot, characters, formatting, pacing, mechanics, dialouge and marketability.

Overall Rating
  • Sandy Parker

    I was very impressed with the level of communication from this festival, and I absolutely LOVE their uniquely designed laurels! I really wanted to attend, but had a conflict with work. Nonetheless, I'm proud that ALIENATED was included in this well-run festival.

    October 2019
  • I wish I did not have conflicts as I REALLY wanted to attend this festival. Was just heartbroken that it didn't work out.

    It looks like so much fun!

    The e-mail correspondences were wonderful and detailed.

    KILL AL was honoured to be part of this fest.

    October 2019
  • Lois Norman

    Kim is a wonderful example of everything a festival should be: professional AND deeply human! So very happy that our script ‘Exposed’ got to the Finals and I really wish I could have been there to share it all with you! Until the next rendezvous! Thank you- Lois

    October 2019
  • Renji Philip

    Had a fantastic time attending this festival with our feature, The Wake of Light. Communication from the outset was excellent and the entire staff was warm, helpful and fantastic. Not to mention the town of Fernandina Beach is a fantastic location for a film festival, or shooting a film. Highly recommend!

    October 2019
  • Aaron Hosé

    We were honored to have our film "A Fresh Perspective" not only selected but also nominated for Best Documentary Short at Rendezvous. Kim was super-friendly and always kept me updated regarding all festival matters. Unfortunately, due to an injury, we could not attend the festival, but it looked like everyone had a blast! I definitely plan to submit my next work to RFF! Thank you Kim & Team!

    October 2019