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This is the real life story of a man whom life had dealt the worst kind of cards but he somehow played a graceful game with bravery and integrity . He sank very low into the depths and rose very high to the stars, always keeping his cool. But for how long and to what end?
İlhan Doğan was born in Germany as the third son of an immigrant Turkish family. His mother had vanished when he was a baby and his father Mustafa abandoned the three children with his brother Ahmet and his wife Melahat in Adana, saying that he couldn’t take care of them.
The few years they spent with their uncle and aunt, the children felt the love and warmth of a real family. They trusted Mustafa more than they did their father. Melahat was like a real mother they never knew. But the truth was they couldn’t forget about their mother. İlhan always believed that their mother had left them because he didn’t love them, especially him. He was to learn the frightening truth years later when he was a rich and successful man. Was it too late by then?
Then suddenly one day, Mustafa, whom they hadn’t even heard a word from all these years, appeared on the doorstep of their house, with a woman on his arm. “This is your new mom, and the good news is, we’re going back to Germany. So start packing” he said.
Ahmet and Melahat objected strongly but Mustafa was adamant. German Government had announced that it would support the immigrants making payment per child. This of course was enough to tempt Mustafa to sell his soul.
The children’s life as they were growing up in Germany was a true nightmare under the despotism and the brutality of their step mother. But İlhan somehow managed not to lose his energy and enthusiasm for life.
He never lost his anchor even when he left the family house which was more or less a bedlam and drifted through the crime filled streets. He found his destination when he was introduced to network marketing system. He turned all the pain and suffering he had experienced into an unstoppable energy and passion with which he was able reach peoples’ souls, form great organizations and become a great leader in business. He was called “The Magnificent Man”. However, betrayal and connivance never stop following him.
The fascinating story of İlhan Doğan leaves the viewer breathless. As we follow his journey through unexpected twists and turns, we can never be sure about what life will throw at his way next.

  • Erdal Murat Aktas
  • Gurhan Ozciftci
  • Ali Dundar
  • Cosku Kilic
  • Erdal Murat Aktas
  • Nataly Craft
  • Javier Bugallo
  • Erkan Petekkata
    Key Cast
  • Sinan Akdeniz
    Key Cast
    "Young Ilhan "
  • Nihan Buyukagac
    Key Cast
    "Sevim "
  • Robert Maaser
    Key Cast
    "Wayne "
  • Vivien Lafleur
    Key Cast
  • Rıza Akın
    Key Cast
  • Aslihan Malbora
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Her seye Ragmen
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 56 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    April 4, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    5,250,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Germany, Spain, Turkey
  • Language:
    German, Spanish, Turkish
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
    Sales Agent
    Country: Spain
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Erdal Murat Aktas

Born in Ardahan and raised in Ankara, Erdal Murat Aktas started shooting short films at the age of 15. After having studied at Ankara University he broke grounds in the tourism, entertainment, radio and media industries. He made different productions in over 120 countries. Murat loves adventure sports and travel and takes part in social responsibility projects related to nature, education and famine.

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Director Statement

When I read the story of the movie 'Her seye Ragmen/Regardless', I actually shot the movie in my head. I wanted to use a comprehensive yet simple Cinematography to present a compelling true story to the audience. Starting from the script stage, every character, every scene and every detail started to appear in my head with all their colors and emotions. While using the camera, I used it to convey every moment of the movie to the viewer plainly. I spent my time creating a harmony with single shots and parts shots. With the storyboard and the shooting script, many plans were prepared before the shooting started.
The story in the movie is in a structure that will touch every person's heart, make their hearts ache, and give hope at the end of the movie. For this reason, Design and artistic level was very important. While doing the production design, I also carried out the artistic design simultaneously. I attached great importance to its artistic quality. I planned every accessory, every costume, every object in every scene with color scale and integrity. I can say that I actually worked like a painter in the film.
I wanted to create an atmosphere. To achieve this, Acting was the most important issue. I asked the players to build a bridge for each character. This bridge is actually a rope between the script and the audience. With this rope, the feeling and effect of each scene will pass directly to the audience. For this reason, I worked with each player individually. I set a high level target for all of them. I wanted them to be simple, sincere, yet realistic.
My Editing plan was ready before I started filming. Along with the production and artistic design, I started planning the editing and film music. I tried to bring the scenes and plans closer to reality with fiction. Apart from technical fiction, I wanted to make an artistic and realistic fiction. I also supported this with the soundtracks. For each set up, I prepared separate theme music and film score for each character. I wanted all these themes to be homogeneous in a whole.
As a director, my goal in this film is to give hope to the audience. I want them to be artistically satisfied. I hope they enjoy the cinema.