When I look into the eyes of my dog companions, I see my reflection looking at them with love. In their eyes see joy, love, trust, hope, and enthusiasm for life when they look back at me. For more than 10 years I have been documenting the last moments of life for animals trapped in our human food system. The reflection that I see in their eyes is a stark contrast to that of my beloved dogs. In their eyes I see my reflection on the other side of the bars that hold them imprisoned. I see fear, distrust, hopelessness, despair, desperation, despondency.

My hope is that the images that I take of these victims will cause others to reflect on their choices; to connect with these sentient beings, to see what they are seeing, to feel what they feel, to encourage empathy. To make new choices. My hope is that one day all beings will see the same reflection filled with love when they look back at us.

  • Louise Jorgensen
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I am a Toronto-based animal rights activist and animal photojournalist. For more than ten years I've worked to capture and highlight the hidden victims trapped within our food system in a way that I hope will draw viewers to connect with them, to encourage empathy, and to see them as individuals and equals, not food.

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