The Reel Impact Film Festival (RIFF) explores how motion picture is used to spread messages, drive change and achieve commercial goals for social impact organizations. The festival is focused on short films and promo reels (under 5 mins) that social impact organizations- both for profits and not for profits- leverage as part of their strategic communications. With the number of social impact companies growing rapidly and the explosion of the use of video online, social enterprises must embrace visual storytelling to effectively get their message out and drive the change they desire.

All Winners will receive laurels and will be listed on the respective winners page on our site.

Awards & Prizes


Rules & Terms

*RIFF (Reel Impact Film Festival) reserves the right to exclude a film from the festival.

*Reels must be under 5 minutes.

*Reels CAN have premiered previously.

*Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.

* Rough cuts and works-in-progress will not be considered.

* Selected Reels will also be eligible for our awards

*We accept US and international reels that explore stories with social impact (i.e. social change, criminal justice, poverty, equality, empowerment, human rights, education, global health, climate change, immigration, and social innovation, etc.) and the selected films will screen on December 1, 2016 at Hanahaus, Palo Alto.

*Reels in languages others than English must include English subtitles.

*Submitting to the festival grants us the right to show your film and to use your film information and stills in our publicity.

*Payment (if applicable) is due in full at time of registration and there are no refunds.

* Notification: Films selected for screening will be notified no later than Nov 15, 2016.