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Redheaded Venom

A drummer for a house jazz combo has disappeared. The club owner's wife has also vanished. The drummer’s wife hires Charlie Nihill, a private detective with a heart-wound the size of Atlantic, to track down her philandering husband. Before he can find the missing jazzman, Charlie must purify himself by drinking from the well of his own fears, regrets, and delusions.

  • Dusan Zaric a/k/a Dusan Zaritch
    Signature Work, The Devil That we Made, Strawberry Fields, Cure for Pain, The Rope is not a Snake,
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    United States
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  • The Crime List 2020

    Best Screenplay
Writer Biography - Dusan Zaric a/k/a Dusan Zaritch

I have been writing screenplays and graphic novel scripts for over a decade. Signature Work, a full-feature based on my screenplay, has been shown at an international film festival FEST in Belgrade, Serbia in 2016. Signature Work has also been awarded the critics' award at an exclusive screenplay festival in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, also in 2016. My short screenplay called The Devil That We Made was one of the three finalists at the Humphrey Bogart Film Noir Short Festival in Miami in 2017.

Redheaded Venom was voted Best Screenplay at 2020 Crime List festival. It was the semi-finalist at Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival, and official selection at Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards, Las Vegas International Film and Screenplay Awards, and Indie Suspense Horror Sci Fi Film Festival.

I am also an accomplished writer for graphic novels. The first two parts of my noir series Moonshot is now available both in print and eBook forms on Amazon and from other retailers.

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