Celebrate redemption in the cinema with Open Window Theatre's inaugural film festival! The festival will feature a slate of new short and full-length documentary and narrative films, all engaging with the theme of redemption and celebrating the power of hope and reconciliation. This festival is part of Open Window's new ANIMA Cultural Series, exploring grace and the human spirit through film, theatre, music, and conversation. Open Window is a non-profit professional theatre bringing multigenerational stories of redemption to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Open Window's Redemption Film Festival is looking for work in four categories:

1) Narrative Short (up to 30 min.)
2) Documentary Short (up to 30 min.)
3) Narrative Feature (over 30 min.)
4) Documentary Feature (over 30 min.)

Films should engage with the festival's themes of redemption, hope, and/or reconciliation, broadly interpreted. Films which deal in a thought-provoking way with issues of faith and spirituality are particularly welcomed. We are unlikely to select films with heavy use of profanity, violence, or sexual content.

Please review Open Window's 7 Core Principles to determine whether your film is likely to be a good fit for our festival slate:

1. We believe art should not only entertain, but also educate and inspire with the kind of beauty that will save the world.
2. We believe good art should challenge people to be better versions of themselves.
3. We believe we don’t have to be vulgar in order to produce good art and that some things are better left to the imagination.
4. We believe good art--in exploring the darkness of the human condition--should always possess a redemptive value while respecting the dignity of the human person on and off the stage and screen.
5. We believe religious faith is something to celebrate—not denigrate—through art and we believe in exploring issues of faith & spirituality in a serious and thought-provoking way.
6. We believe in creating an intimate artistic experience that’s memorable, engaging and immersive.
7. We believe in producing top quality art that’s accessible to everyone (yes, EVERYONE) and won’t break your budget.