The RedeemTV & GNPI ICOM Student Film Festival is open to all High School and College students, who wish to have a chance to have their short film shown to RedeemTV's 300k+ subscribers. Industry professionals will choose Best Doc, Best Narrative Film, Best Animation, ICOM Missions Award, Best High School Production and Best Comedy. The RedeemTV audience will select the Audience Choice Award from among the nominees.

The film festival is a live event and will be held in conjunction with The International Conference on Missions (ICOM). The conference runs from November 14th through 16th at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. The film festival will take place on the afternoon of Nov. 16th. All festival entrants receive one complimentary registration for ICOM. For details about the conference, please visit

RedeemTV is a Faith-Based, Family friendly, Ad-free, fee-free streaming platform dedicated to bringing hope and light to people in darkness. RedeemTV is a ministry of Vision Video and Christian History Institute.

GNPI creates relevant media to proclaim the Good News and empower Jesus followers to do the same. We do this through a network of international teams, who use all forms of media to reach the hearts of their people and multiply disciples across the globe.

The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) exists to Encourage, Equip and Enlist workers for the Harvest. Their extensive international conference serves as a connection point for global missions.

Category Awards:
ICOM Missions Award
Best Drama Award
Best Documentary Award
Best Animation Award
Best Comedy Award

Overall Festival Awards:
Best High School Production Award
Best International Production
RedeemTV Audience Choice Award

A trophy will be presented to all the award winners.
All selected films will be screened for free on RedeemTV.
All selected high school productions will receive consideration for the Best High School Production award
All selected films that were filmed or produced outside the United States will receive consideration for the Best International Production.
All selected films will receive consideration for the Audience Choice award.
Cash prizes will be awarded to all 1st place winners in each category

$20, non-refundable submission fee for each category submission (ICOM Conference registration is included in the submission fee.)
All submissions must be from students currently enrolled in High School or College or 2023 graduate.
All entries must be between 3-20 minutes in length.
The winning films of each category will remain on RedeemTV for free-viewing for 6 months from the start of the festival.
All entries must fit within the guidelines of a PG rating.
We are looking for edifying, encouraging, comforting, Christian faith, or family films with redeeming value for the viewer.
Please provide English Subtitles for non-English dialogue films.
PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to disqualify any films submitted that do not adhere to our Christian faith, rules and terms. There are no refunds for films disqualified for any reason.

Overall Rating
  • Ethan & Luke Montgomery

    Redeem TV has been a wonderful experience for us over the last few years, giving us a new audience for several of our short films that has really engaged with and supported our work. The festival has also given us detailed, insightful feedback on our work. We highly recommend the festival!

    January 2024
  • Great festival! I loved getting to travel see the location and get to meet everyone in person! I enjoyed the awards ceremony - meeting everyone and getting to see the final award-winning films play on the screen! A great group of faith-driven people pursuing the arts in the world of faith as well and I was honored to be a part of it. Highly recommend this film festival to growing artists! :)

    December 2023
  • Kristy Lowe

    I loved being a part of this festival! Thank you RedeemTV for this opportunity to share our work and bring glory to God!

    March 2023
  • Elizabeth Kollmar

    Thank you for hosting the festival! I really enjoyed attending the event, and I look forward to participating again in the future.

    March 2023
  • Asher Anantham

    Thank you for choosing "Vaping: A Youth Crisis" It means a lot to me!

    November 2022