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Red Suns Hill

The settlers of American small town Red Suns Hill have received an unwanted gift -- after they die, they are reborn again with the same genetics and no memories of their past lives. They have lived in careful, paranoid seclusion for millennia, but their secret is about to be put under fire by unknown outside forces with mysterious goals, all while being under the undetected supervision of a blue skinned human-alien hybrid.

  • Andrei Pop
    "Ritual" (short film)
  • Mihai Petean
    "RItual" (short film)
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    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Drama, Sci-Fi, Mistery
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Writer Biography - Andrei Pop, Mihai Petean

Red Suns Hill was conceived and written by a duo: Mihai Petean & Andrei Pop.

Here are
a few words about each --

Mihai Petean

For the past five years I've worked as a freelance writer in
Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I have published a book called "Abis" ("Abyss"), written and
sold one script for a short film, named "Ritual" and created, written and directed the first
episode of a upcoming web-series in the same literary universe as the project mentioned
above. I'm also writing and producing a comic book series based on the same fruitful
literary universe of "Red Suns Hill". On a different note, I've written and directed a music
video in collaboration with Black Horse Media Events, an audio-video production
company. Note that all of the aforementioned projects have been made in collaboration
with Andrei Pop, the co-author of the TV pilot named "Welcome to Red Suns Hill".

Andrei Pop

I've worked as an actor, director and writer for the past six
years. I've graduated the Faculty of Theatre and Television at the Babeș-Bolyai
University of Cluj-Napoca and have since co-founded an audio-video production
company. I've worked on a number of projects including several plays and short films
such as "Strada Mare" ("Big Street"), a theatrical adaptation of "The Master and
Margarita", "Apocalipsa dupa Pulcinella" ("Apocalypse by Pulcinella"), a theatrical
adaptation of "The Tempest" by W. Shakespeare as an assistant writer and actor.

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Writer Statement

Writing is, career-wise, the most important thing for us. We love creating different and diverse literary universes and putting them on paper, no matter if it's in the form of a book or a script. It is our goal to create valuable content. We are extremely professional and passionate about our work and we truly hope that someday our stories will touch the hearts of millions.