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F03 - 《重生·Recover》


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After MingYi returned to Beijing, in the dialogue with Trumble, he gradually
realized that XiaoJing was blaming Trumble for not escorting her mother to the
United States, and the phone call from Trumble indirectly caused the tragedy, thus
XiaoJing only remember that Trumble is her English teacher.
MingYi entrusted YuLiang to take care of XiaoJing during his return to China. YuLiang also discovered an amazing reality:
It turned out that XiaoJing was blaming her brother Jason for not picking up her mother from the airport, thus she was indirectly caused a tragedy in a hurry, so she could not forgive her brother. Because the English name and the Chinese name are reversed, she only remembers Jie Shen's English name Jason. She treat him just as a good friend.
She can't forgive her father MingYi for not coming out to pick up the mother at the door, but treating him as an uncle; when XiaoJing called him Shen, she remembered his mother. And because of the similar pronunciation of Angle and Uncle, MingYi never understood XiaoJing's psychology.
XiaoJing couldn't face the tragic result of her own. She hid her thoughts and sorrows for her mother behind the Blando dog who grew up with her, and forgot her real name is XiaoLi Shen, thinking she was XiaoJing Liang; Liang is her mother's surname, and the name XiaoJing is because of Trumble always said: I want to be quiet.
XiaoJing also knows that YuLiang was originally sought by Trumble to help her get
out of the psychological shadow. In the contact with Jie Shen, YuLiang fell in love
with him and live together.
Finally on the Christmas Eve, XiaoJing speaks out her own ballet dream, and want to
perform her original ballet drama Crane Gulf at the American Grand Theatre.
But is this really the case? Will her mother and father's ballet dream Butterfly
Love be realized?

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