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After his son brings home his new fiance for the first time, shortly following the passing of his mother, Cedric Young (The Chi, Backdraft) stars as a father who is completely unaccepting of their relationship for an unexpected reason.

  • Matthew Brdlik
  • Matthew Brdlik
  • Matthew Brdlik
  • Cedric Young
    Key Cast
  • Ajax Dontavius
    Key Cast
  • Adriana Trajkovski
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 14 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 20, 2023
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Matthew Brdlik

Matthew Brdlik is an award winning film director from Chicago Illinois. After finishing producing and directing the documentary series Wild Gamble for Shed Films, Matthew has set out to create a number of original independent shorts, before attempting his first feature film.

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Director Statement

It's an unfortunate reality that prejudice and discrimination are a part of human nature. When we look backwards however, we can see that this behavior has changed and evolved over time in our society. For instance, it's easy to judge old movies for their disregard on various social issues which would never pass today. Inherently though that begs the question: what will the future look back on and judge us for?

Rebranded was created as a thought experiment. It leads audiences to assume it's a modern day story with modern day prejudice, an idea which many already have pre-entrenched ideas about. However, when this is idea is turned on it's head and involves something new - AI - there is a moment of self evaluation that happens. The hope is that this new perspective will make everyone think more deeply about it, and in turn how little is really separating us today.

It's not far reaching to imagine a future in which we continue to elevate AI to the point of eventually being capable of feeling human emotions, and yet still insisting on its indentured servitude. Slavery is an extremely dense topic for any short film. The decision to bring it up was very carefully considered and done in a way with absolutely no intention of undermining the severity of the past or the racism that is currently still experienced today. That being said, these are very important things to discuss because if we don't then history is bound to repeat itself in a new way. You need not look far to find an already deep seeded fear, distrust, and prejudice against this new life form which is already in its infancy here on earth.

In terms of casting, it would have been easy to make the choice of a white father and son with a black fiance, but that would have fallen far too closely into the same ideas we know about racism today. Instead the choice was meant to say that prejudice is a universal phenomenon with all humans, and even those who have historically experienced it most severely are prone to it. In the end It’s our universal capability for love that connects us as humans. My hope is that this film can spark ideas, and discussions so that we may all learn and understand more about one another as we build towards a brighter future together.