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RAPUNZEL by Zosia Feher
A smartly dressed man walks down a street lined with tall blocks of buildings. A poster is blown near his feet by the wind, he stops to look around and picks up the poster, it shows an image of Princess Rapunzel with long blonde flowing hair wearing an impractical frilly dress. The words above the image explain that there is a reward for anyone who rescues the princess and that no one has managed it before. In his imagination he pictures the scenario of a vulnerable princess brushing out her long hair and the riches that await him, appealing to his greed and sense of self importance.
The man stuffs the poster inside his jacket pocket and looks visibly smug and continues walking down the street at a quickened pace.
He reaches a tall tower, it looms above him giving a very imposing presence despite its crumbling state, he begins to look around for a way into the tower and doesn’t find one. When he gazes up again he notices a window near the top, he shouts up to the window and long hair is lowered out of the window towards him. Slightly confused he grabs the hair and starts to climb up the tower. When he reaches the top he climbs through the open window and looks around. The room in the tower is mostly in darkness, the only light is the shaft of sunlight from the window. Rapunzel creeps out of the shadows behind him, she approaches swiftly and silently and loops her long hair around his neck and be- gins to efficiently strangle him with a strong hold before he becomes aware of her. He panics and tries to claw his neck free but Rapunzel continues to tighten her hair and with the panic on his face and bulging eyeballs he becomes lifeless.
Rapunzel drags the dead body away by the ankles in a practiced manoeuvre. She walks over to a tidy desk which sits underneath a large board. The board has many maps and lists pinned to it. Sitting at her desk she pulls a file out of a drawer. The file has a photo of the man she has just killed on the cover. She flicks through the file containing police re- ports, photos of bruising and injuries on a dead woman, crime scene reports and news- paper cuttings reporting about the man being declared not guilty of killing his wife. She closes the file and crosses out his photo with a red pen before adding it to a large pile of other files. Closing her eyes, she sits back in her chair for a second before getting back to work. Reaching forwards she opens another drawer and gets a new file out of a new tar- get and another poster.

  • Zosia Feher
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    Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Zosia Feher

I am Zosia Feher, a film maker from the North East of England. I have autism and Tourette's syndrome, which means I look at the world in a different way. This makes me an excellent filmmaker as I have a unique imagination and pay close attention to detail. For the past 8 years I have been working with multi-award winning Beacon Films in various roles with in particular interest in camera and directing. In this time I have been involved in a wide variety of films such as commissioned films for other organisations and films that I have written and directed myself. I recently wrote and directed "Grace Darling - After the Storm" which went on tour around the UK. You can see this film at:

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Writer Statement

In this dark comedy elements of fantasy are mixed with real life. The film will have a slightly unsettling and uncomfortable feel to it. It gives another form of happily ever after, in a world where not everything is as it seems.
Rapunzel is a fierce vigilante who is determinedly getting justice for those who the system has failed. She has the intense focus of Saga Noren (The Bridge) but the ruthlessness of Villanelle (Killing Eve).
The man is someone who always invades the space of other people, particularly women, making them feel uneasy. He likes to think he is so much better and smarter than women, an opinion reinforced by the fact he got away with killing his wife.
The film is important because it highlights the often fatal impact of domestic violence by drawing attention to the issue in a fantasy way. The full circle of the story mirrors the cycle of violence that occurs in abuse cases, which Rapunzel reflects upon before reaching for a new target.
It’s vital to have a strong female lead in the film because women are often shown as a damsel in distress or just in the film to be a love interest. Female strength means being able to do anything, even murder, and to be unapologetically herself both good and bad. This removes the stereotypes of what a woman is supposed to be and the stereotype of what Rapunzel is supposed to be. Rapunzel is not just her fairytale in this film; not just a princess sat waiting to be rescued.