The International Random Film Festival is the first film festival in the world which celebrates randomness in cinema. Out of the submission 25 films are selected to compete each year. The selection is made randomly from the submissions. Awards are given out randomly.

The 6th edition of IRFF will take place in Helsinki, Finland. The festival’s Opening Ceremony will be held on the 5th of May 2017.

1) You have to have the rights to distribute the film you are submitting.
2) Only one entry per director is allowed.
3) English subtitles have to be provided, if there is some non-english dialogue in your film.
4) You don't need to submit a screener of any kind

Length of your film: any
Year of production: any
Genre: any
Format: any
Submission fee: none

Note: please do not send any screeners, CV's, award lists, or personal messages promoting your film. We select our programme 100% randomly.

Overall Rating
  • Tom Tom Kermit

    Small Random Film Festival Outside. It was a bit cold and a lot of waiting. Well... movies are random, so it can be anything... any genre.. and that is something else.

    June 2017
  • Dafne De Vinatea

    It was a very lovely experience!

    May 2017