Random Dude Films presents the first edition of Random Acts! Short Shots Genre Screenplay Competition, and in association with Cinemafantastique Film Festival. This competition is for cash prizes to help fund your future genre short film project. Limited to 200 submissions. The Genre: Horror/Thriller/Crime/Mystery for a 15 dollar submission fee. How well can you tell a story in less than 15 pages? What's the craziest, scariest, twisty surprise you can tell? Only you can answer that!

Our guest Judges (TBA) will rate each script with a 1-5 point system on four categories: (1) Characters (2) Story (3) Eerie Factor (4) Plot Execution. The determined winning screenplays will be those with the highest scoring average.

Contest officially opens August 1st and closes October 14th AND/OR when the contest reaches 200 submissions. Which ever comes first! A great opportunity for writers/filmmakers to win cash prizes that may be the kick start needed or funds to get their projects done.

The TOP 10 will be notified as finalists and will be announced on the Random Acts! websites. Only the 1st and 2nd prize winners will be contacted directly and notified.

Get creative, have fun and break a leg!

1st Place Prize: $500 (USD)
2nd Place Prize: $250 (USD)

1) Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, not produced and the sole property of the applicant.
2) Ages 18 or over are eligible, from any country of the world.
3) All entries must be in English.
4) We're only accepting short screenplays between 5-15 pages. Absolutely no exceptions.
5) There is no limit to the number of screenplays you may submit.
6) You may only submit an individual screenplay one time.
7) All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.
8) All screenplays should be written in industry standard format (Courier 12 pt font).
9) Please only write the TITLE on the screenplay. NO COVER PAGES with screenwriters names and/or addresses. The process will be democratic. Decisions will be blind to cultural/gender backgrounds of the writer. Judged solely on the story, characters, eerie factor and the execution of the screenplay. The sky is the limit for the stories themselves and can take place anywhere, anytime and about anyone. This contest is open to ALL!
10) Under absolutely no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay(s) be made. Screenplays will not be returned. No refunds.
11) Screenwriters retain full rights to their work.
12) Only the winners will be contacted via the organizer.
13) Prize money paid via PayPal.
14) Judges, festival organizers and their immediate families are disqualified from the competition.
(15) No free waivers.
16) Submissions are accepted only through FilmFreeway.