The Randfilmfest is THE festival of the offside film in Germany. For six years now, visitors from all over the world are coming to Kassel to experience a program far off the well-trodden paths and the special atmosphere of the Randfilmfest.

Prominent directors and actors, fascinating concerts and performances, a handpicked selection of films and discussions with the audience that only exist at the Randfilmfest!

This year it's all about the foundation of our society: the youth

Idealized and demonized, it's a place of extremes:
Freedom and repression, high spirits and boredom, self-discovery and loss, violence and tenderness, hope and doubt seem to be irreconcilable. This creates the power of rebellion. Without the burden of responsibility, young people set the impulse to untangle the world. Failure allowed and trying out as only duty. The freedom of youth is inviolable and yet endangered by the conditions of the world.
In its seventh edition, the Randfilmfest 2020 is looking for the "Gold of Youth", which promises the richness of the moment with a shimmering illusion, but also places the whole weight of the future on narrow shoulders.

For the first time the border film festival takes place in the Bali-Kinos at the Kulturbahnhof Kassel. Well-kept cinema atmosphere and a full program of films, discussions with the audience, music and dance performances bring the disturbance closer to the center of Kassel!

For the competition for the coveted RAND AWARD we are looking for films of all genres and lengths from 3 to 30 Minutes.
The only requirement: it has to be a RANDFILM. It can not be too weird, too experimental or too special for us!
Premier screenings are not an obligation for us, the main thing is that your film leads the audience to its personal limit.