The Rainier Independent Film Festival is in its 14th season and continues to be dedicated to providing Independent Filmmakers venues to have their films screened in the tranquil area surrounding Mount Rainier.

Mixing films, workshops and the laid-back setting of the area, this festival is set apart in the fact that it is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with film industry people outside of the hustle and bustle typically associated with the business.

RIFF is a gateway to an explorative cinematic journey, set in the transformative landscape of Mt. Rainier's forested community which provides the perfect setting for this festival. Our screening venues range from an historic hall built in 1918 with 300 person capacity to an authentic circular Yurt. All projection is shown in the latest in digital technology.

Because of the unique location and our understanding that limited funds (if any!) are available to Independent Filmmakers, complimentary lodging MIGHT be provided by RIFF to the selected filmmakers in attendance.

All the Best,
Win Whittaker, RIFF Festival Director

As filmmakers we believe your film should be reviewed in the best possible manner- which is not with tiny speakers on a laptop.
If submitting an online screener we MUST be able to download the file, as continuous streaming without interruption is not currently possible

For the Preview copy, please send DVD, region 0 or 1 or Blu-Ray region 0 or 1. Please do not send submissions in fiber filled envelopes.

Submissions will not be returned unless the filmmaker provides a pre-paid package.

Please be sure to write the Tracking ID and Film Title on the disc in case it becomes separated from its box.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your film!

Overall Rating
  • Catharine Parke

    I loved attending this festival with our short Lifelines. The festival folk are warm and welcoming and the atmosphere for filmmakers is supportive and friendly. The location is beautiful and well worth the trip. Loved it!

    May 2019
  • i haven't had the pleasure of attending, but in their emails the staff have been warm and personable as well as efficient, in the two separate years my films have been featured. i felt they valued me and my contribution.

    May 2019
  • Great film festival! Wish we could have attended, regardless the organizers really did everything possible to make sure our film was showcased to a great audience. We're very thankful for their hard work and dedication to highlighting films focusing on environmentalism and human rights. We'll definitely submit more of our work to RIFF in the future.

    May 2019
  • Aimie Vallat

    I've been lucky to attend this festival twice and each time I've felt like it has all the right elements for an independent filmmaker to have their work seen and appreciated. The festival founders go out of their way to make you feel welcome and supported and the festival staff is has great communication throughout the whole process. Community members in this small town come out to support and connect with you and your films with a great deal of generosity and warmth. I highly recommend this festival.

    June 2018
  • Elias Plagianos

    One of the best festivals on the circuit! Amazing location, Great Films and a wonderful team who keep you informed and create a great community.

    September 2017