Rainbow Cake

Hairu, Helmi's father, recently passed away. Helmi is trying to quickly bury the only person who is most valuable. Helmi found several obstacles such as the environment's indifference to family and power relations. Throughout its life this family held fast to a belief not recognized by the state.

  • Pahlawan Chaniago
    1. Tercyduck (2017) : Editor, 2. Siapa Aku (2019) : Director, 3. The Repetition (2020) : Director, 4. Memento Mori (2021) : Script Writer & Director, 5. 17 Selamanya (2021) : Assistant Editor
  • Bibid Hriday
    1. Binasa (2016) : Assistant Director, 2. Closer (2016) : Director, 3. Rasa (2016) : Script Writer, 4. Gowok The Ins and Outs of a Woman’s Body (2019) : Assistant Director, 5. Sigegh (2020) : Unit Production Manager
  • Riski Rianda
    1. Refleksi Diri (2017) : Director & Script Writer, 2. Parkir (2018) : Director, 3. Perempuan Lanjut Usia (2018) : Director & Script Writer, 4. Bualan yang Magis (2019) : Script Writer, Director & Editor, 5. Katarsis yang Tak Kunjung Selesai (2020) : Script Writer, Director & Producer, 6. Tak Ada Perayaan Hari Ini (2022) : Script Writer, Director & Editor
  • Arya Surya Pratama
    Key Cast
  • Ernanto Kusuma
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Rainbow Cake
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  • Runtime:
    20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 28, 2021
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Director Biography - Pahlawan Chaniago

Pahlawan Chaniago was born in Bandar Lampung, October 7, 2000. Currently studying at the University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, majoring in Communication Science. His interest in films led him to venture into the search for identity as a person who claims to like films, and has now been involved in several film-making processes. First short film as director “Siapa Aku?/W(h)oMan?” once screened at the Screening On Stream Ruang Film Bandung 2020.

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Director Statement

In early 2020, during an interfaith discussion in Yogyakarta, a man held a microphone and spoke very heavily while holding back his tears. He recounted the experience related to his difficulty in burying his family at that time. Obstacles occur because his family is adherents of aliran kepercayaan that are not recognized by the State. The family received refusal to bury the body from various parties. He is very grateful for the assistance from the institution and all parties who helped so that he could get his rights. His emotions were unstoppable then his tears spilled out. Things are messed up because of our inability to function as human beings.
Human Rights are rights that every human being has and are universal. It feels like when we talk about humanity, things outside of humanity must be put aside. The good diversity produces many values, studies, can be sweet and beautiful. Belief in embracing and trusting a belief is the most basic right possessed by humans starting from the time the human is born until death. Being buried properly is one of the rights that should be obtained by every human being, regardless of the issue of belief, population, or citizenship. If Indonesia is a country that upholds diversity, this country should give equity rights to adherents of aliran kepercayaan.