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Rabid Dogs

Ex Gang member GENKI leaves the underworld to try and live a normal life with the love of his life. Gets a regular job, marries as has a son DAICHI. DAICHI runs into trouble with a gang over a love interest and is Killed, GENKI can’t escape his past life and sets out to kill those involved only to find out the killer is the son of his old rival.

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    Thriller, Drama, Action
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Writer Biography

Jose Rivadulla-Rey is a screenplay writer and film director who has also been involved in award winning projects such as A Love Undefined a film by Shema Jones in The Toronto Film Festival hosted by John Legend And Michael Duplass.
Along with writing screenplays and being a finalist in recent film festivals he also hosts and manages The Directors Dilemma Podcast which narrates his own personal journey within the world of film.
Previous to film making which started in 2011 He was a sound engineer and music producer for a record label, his music interest came from an early age and through advanced schooling and learning he began to develop his own sound and learn the technical aspects of creating music of which he then applied when transferring his skills into film.
Jose never went to film school but practically lived within film, his uncles worked in local video store of which he would constantly visit taking out four films at a time twice a day and binge watch everything he was able to lay his hands on, even the ones he wasn’t supposed to watch thus formulating the way he would now write to date.
Jose tend to create nonlinear storylines with a violent artistic flare infused with heavy dialogue, He also has a self published poetry book on amazon titled Winter In July
His education end with him earning a HND in business and finance specialising in marketing and advertising.
When not creating Jose is a cigar enthusiast and one day hopes to create his own brand of cigar.

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