ROY G BIV is a drama following a married couple and how they cope with the loss of their unborn child through touch and color.

In a flashback, Bridget exclaims that she's pregnant and Adam spins her around in excitement of their first child. In the present, Adam works on one of his paintings while Bridget set's up for the collaborative piece. The two of them move around the art studio, setting up their respective equipment. Bridget undresses and Adam begins to paint her arm with green paint. He moves to paint her upper arm with violet and Bridget reacts to the cold paint. Adam offers to make Bridget tea and she agrees. While Adam is gone, Bridget admires his art and is reminded of when she used to sit with him as he paints in a flashback. Adam enters and we are back in the present. He tells Bridget that the painting is of her and Bridget expresses her deadline and how they must continue the painting process. Adam goes in with yellow paint on her collarbone and Bridget reacts positively with a flashback to Adam surprising her with sunflowers. Adam goes in with orange paint and Bridget looks around the studio, eyes meeting a painting on a sonogram and she has a flashback of Adam standing in the doorway. Adam then goes in with blue paint on her face and Bridget reacts negatively. As he continues to paint her blue, Bridget flashbacks to her miscarriage as Adam paints her stomach area. Bridget steps away insisting they need to stop and the two of them finally have a confrontation about the state of their marriage after the miscarriage. In a fit of rage. Bridget destroys one of Adam's art pieces and he crumbles to the ground, pleading her to stay. Bridget stands still as she takes off her wedding ring.

  • Kimmy Anna Barnard
  • Kimmy Barnard
  • Brooke Casal
  • Jasmeen Danintyaputri
  • Amelia Jorn
    Key Cast
  • Wain Richardson
    Key Cast
  • Leighton McCrimmon
  • Nate Shirah
    Director of Photography
  • Kyle Leal
    1st Assistant Camera
  • Galen Cunningham
    2nd Assistant Camera
  • Addison Rudicile
    Camera Operator
  • Hails Joseph
    1st Assistant Director
  • Carolina Santos-Serrano
    Script Supervisor
  • Raeya Ponugoti
    Production Designer
  • Pooja Bhanshali
    Production Designer Assistant
  • Casserly Grace
  • Ethan Sarafin
  • Galen Cunningham
  • Daniel Connell
  • Winona Cruz
    Sound Mixer
  • Oliver Haney
    Boom Operator
  • Charlie Koproski
    Production Assistant
  • Matthew Macasieb
    BTS Photography
  • Hails Joseph
    BTS Photography
  • Conrad
    BTS Photography
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 29 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 1, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Savannah College of Art and Design
Director Biography - Kimmy Anna Barnard

Kimmy Barnard is writer, producer, director and SFX artist from Greenwich, CT. She is a current senior at Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta pursuing her B.F.A in Film and Television production as well as a double minor in dramatic writing and producing. Kimmy fell in love with film at a young age and started producing student projects at 16 and would continue to do so throughout her college career. She has always found comfort in filmmaking as it is her firm belief that films allow us to articulate thoughts and feelings that others may struggle to put into their own words. It is her hope that the projects she works on can leave a meaningful impact on audience members

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Director Statement

One of the biggest takeaways from my previous relationships, romantic and platonic, is that the absence of an unhealthy relationship doesn’t mean that it’s a good one and I really wanted to paint that in my script. Every relationship is made up of all assorted colors and shades. Rarely is anything in life ever black and white. In ROY G BIV, the power of touch and color is so important because each one elicits different memories of everything this couple once had and is now gone because of how they chose to cope with the loss of their unborn child. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief and there is no right or wrong way to do it. When you’re in that moment you just want anything to take that pain away even if it means harming yourself or those around you.

I am so excited to share this story because it is something so personal to me. As someone who has lost so many people in my life from friends, to family, and even my own home. Loss is scary and you will do anything to hold on to something even if it’s not good for you. You’ll fight for something because of its familiarity because it’s comfortable. Entering that stage of change and moving on to something new is terrifying. This script is me at my essence. I hold on to things and I’m so afraid of letting go. I’m so afraid that if I lose my grip and let myself falter for even a second, everything that I've built up in my life will disappear. ROY G BIV tackles these themes through touch, color, and the memories of these two complex characters, Bridget and Adam, who once had everything until that wrecking ball knocks it all down and they don’t know how to rebuild it.