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Theme: In 2022 exactly after 75 years, sins of dead Hideki Tojo, general of the Japanese Imperial Army, his extension of crimes will be risen from Ashes to avenge Modern China & SE Asia for his humiliating WWII defeat. (it has NO reincarnation or paranormal content)

Pitch: A gruesome planning by the Imperial Army that occurred during the Second World War, which has an impact on China, SE Asia in 2022.

This novel's theme is spread over a span of 75 years, a mass connected Pro-Chinese Patriotic story (A Chinese horo saving American lives) with a combination of scale of movies like Pearl Harbor, Back to 1942, City of Life and Death, London is Falling. (Fictional yet the connection is real)

Target audience: Anyone globally from 16-80 years, who loves patriotic, romance, suspense, and historical war content.

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In a little town in Tokyo Japan, a boy Zhang Watanabe loses his grandfather and parents to a violent and mysterious death. Terrified for his life, Zhang flees to Hong Kong and begins a new life under a false identity. Years later, he is still haunted by terrible nightmares and lives in fear, sheltering himself from the ugly past that lingers over his family name.
His plans to maintain his secret life fall apart after meeting Lhou, the lonely and emotionally damaged princess of the Kims’ empire who is desperately waiting for her prince charming to rescue her.
One night, on a full moon, the whole of Hong Kong comes to a standstill after a mysterious and deadly bomb blast that claims thousands of lives, leaving the city in ruins and the citizens in a state of frenzy. More deadly blasts occur in quick successions and the lives of citizens are threatened, and immigrants are ultimately blamed for it.
Strangely, Zhang discovers that the blasts may be connected to an old diary that belonged to his great grandfather- a war commander that served under the leadership of Hideki Tojo, and that it may be a replay of the World War II of Japan’s invasion on China and South East Asia.
With the strong belief that there will be more deaths in China and seven other cities, Zhang begins to research and discovers an even bigger secret that puts his life and family at risk. Now, he is desperately wanted by three powerful agencies in the world. Suspicious of everyone, Zhang is on the run and has two great missions: to prevent the looming danger and clear his family name.
This is a story about a generation-long grudge of the Dead Dictator President Hideki Tojo of the Japanese Imperial Army, whose ultimate goal is to avenge, re-conquer and destroy China & South East Asia in 2021.
Eight deadliest bombs in eight cities... with a ticking clock. A mass murder that the world has never experienced is about to occur.
Will a commoner Zhang be able to stop it?

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Writer Biography - Gautam Ailawadi

I am Gautam Ailawadi, a successful Advertising Film Professional from Mumbai.
I spend most of my time, dreaming about life & life after death though I have often been accused of dreaming too much.

I love visualizing stories about parallel universe, superheroes & mythology and even enjoys studying Fantasy, War & larger than life movies.

I get my inspiration from human behavior, like how they react and perform under pressure, as I believe that human desires will always be a reason for conflict in this world.

This, is myfirst parallel history war book and second RESURRECTION OF HOLOCAUST- FALL OF EUROPE is also available
E-Book & synopsis link:

and I am sure he will continue writing, as he is convinced that if there will be anything left in this world, that will be stories

Be Blessed

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The basic idea to create these two novels, for two different regions was that if with your/Investors grace this project materalises for a movie even for any one specific market, then the best part about this content is that it has the scope & can be adapted/created for the other market as well.
eg: If we dig in more further, this ROD novel separately can be adapted globally for all once occupied countries, as the TG base for this kind of concept is spread all over the world, as globally most of the counties have been occupied at one point or the other. (because in reality during the same time of WWII, a cruel dictatorship regime was affecting both the regions of UK-Europe at one end & China-SE Asia at the other end.)

Once you own the IPR of one or both the novel & with your backing of the project, the scope definitely widens, as now with your/investors' vision, the content (maybe in smaller formats too) can be adapted/tweaked/created/ for all the respective countries which were once ruled by dictators/other countries.
Like Tojo ruled China, Hitler ruled Europe, the Indian subcontinent was ruled by Britishers, Palestine/Egypt tried to control Israel. (list to adapt, is endless)

So if a movie on this theme is created & showcased, then the association/connection with the respective TG in that subcontinent will be real, on the contrary audience from the western world will relate to a good thrilling content coming out from the crossover Eastern world too & vice versa.
Hence these both Novels have the potential, where the basic plot can remain the same but with new creative inputs & once the geography, people, culture, language is changed, it becomes a new project. (eg Chinese-SE Asians may not get so connected with Hitler but they will relate to Tojo's massacre story and Now we have a gripping movie for them too :)
We can have a separate team to execute these separate movies & studio/producer will definitely have, wow! double viewerships, as buffs sitting on both sides for the sake of comparison/entertainment will be watching Hitler & Tojo movies as well.

On the face of it, it's a great commercially viable project which can be adapted/dubbed worldwide.

aaah! 🤐
So in a nutshell...
ROD manuscript is attached,
do read the one you like at your leisure.

Believing in Miracles
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