RCBC 2022 Sustainability and Impact Report Video

Propelled by a 60-year track record in Philippine banking, RCBC is forging ahead into the future, leading forward by embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into its operations.

For the first time since reporting on its sustainability performance, the Bank has combined its Sustainability Report and Impact Report into one publication, signaling its determination to make sustainability, and its diverse aspects, a core part of its business strategy. The RCBC 2022 Sustainability and Impact Report Video showcases how RCBC institutionalizes awareness of environmental and social issues within the organization, with its clients, and communities served. The Bank believes that sustainable practices are a key pillar of responsible lending which delivers meaningful impact on the environment and communities. The video also allows the Bank’s investors to be aware of and to monitor the beneficial impact of their investments on the environment and/or society through the activities supported by RCBC’s Sustainable Financing Instruments.

Being the first of its kind for RCBC, the 2022 Sustainability and
Impact Report video highlights these pioneering strategies:
• Strategic financial inclusion through the launch of “Moneybela: Barangayan Banking,” the country’s first human-assisted remote banking service;
• Sustainable value chain by issuing recycled or environment friendly cards by 2023, an unprecedented innovation made possible through RCBC Credit Cards’ collaboration with its supplier, Thales;
• Climate risk management through the conduct of an initial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accounting of its business loans as part of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), the first Philippine bank to participate; and
• RCBC’s contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The video highlights the Bank’s first disclosure of UN SDG loans based on the internal mapping of its total loan portfolio versus the UN SDGs.

The Impact Report portions of the video represent the continual innovation and manifestation of RCBC’s appreciation for investors’ confidence in RCBC’s Sustainable Financing Instruments. The Impact Report portions continue to serve the following unique three-pronged purpose since 2020:
i. Provide an effective visualization of RCBC's contribution to the environment and society. This serves as a helpful tool to encourage interest in RCBC's Sustainability and Impact Report from the perspective of the RCBC investor /client or even among RCBC employees.
ii. Enhance RCBC’s annual reporting beyond what is required in the Bank’s Sustainable Finance Framework. This, in effect, is RCBC’s manifestation of giving back to the overwhelming confidence of capital markets in RCBC with all of the Bank’s Sustainability Bond issuances oversubscribed in multiples.
iii. Innovate the common way of complying with the Sustainable Finance Framework’s disclosure requirement. This supports RCBC’s leading stance in the Philippine banking sustainability space.

The video shows RCBC’s Sustainability Journey as Philippines’ fifth largest privately-owned bank in 2022. Towards the end, the video aptly indicates that in the coming years, RCBC's sustainability initiatives will be more exciting and meaningful - activities will be expanded toward nature and wildlife preservation. Partnerships will be strengthened through client engagements in sustainability-driven programs as well as support for various societal advocacies. By broadening these partnerships and paving the way for new ones, RCBC is able to continually nurture the employees' participation and client engagement in the vast realm of sustainable and inclusive growth.

The 2022 Sustainability and Impact Report Video are found in www.rcbc.com/sustainability.

  • Genesis Vicencio Nolasco
  • Sheila Samonte Pesayco
  • Armi Manalo Lamberte
  • Ethel Bondoc Nolasco
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    Animation, Documentary, Short, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 18 seconds
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    June 30, 2023
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    2,992 USD
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Director - Genesis Vicencio Nolasco