Announcing! The first annual Youth Video Competition
open to ages 12-18. Plus you could win Cash prizes! First Prize - $150 Second Prize - $100 Third Prize $50

Along with competing for prizes, meaningful feedback will be given to all participants by industry professionals and/or community leaders. The best work will be featured prior to movies shown at this year’s festival on October 25, 26, and 27.

Note: This competition is only open to students of Norfolk County and students of Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada.

Cash prizes will be awarded: Top three winners and two honourable mentions. Prize amounts will be published in May, 2019.

Films must be between 2-5 minutes in length, telling a story. Focus on themes of rural living (not in a town or city) and target farming, open spaces, being rooted to the land, and/or going on a journey.

Choose a subject you know something about, and tell a story with compelling characters that takes the viewer on a journey with a clear beginning, middle and end. Make sure all visual imagery adds to the meaning of the story and supports strong character development. Focus on smooth transitions between scenes to make a moving and memorable film.

Norfolk County Public Library has a film studio at the Simcoe branch which can be booked, free of charge, for a three hour period. Here is a link:

Note: • R2RFF is committed to reflecting the diversity of our community. As an equal opportunity film festival, we welcome and encourage submissions from individuals of all genders, cultures, ethnicities and abilities.