"Quotes from the Earth” has been first-of-its-kind in the Indian Capital since 2004. It uses a discursive platform to highlight environmental challenges at the national and international level through films, which happen to be one of the most powerful medium of communication and discussion.

The festival, which is a collaborative effort by Toxics Link and India International Centre, Delhi brings under one umbrella carefully handpicked and persuasive films on all shades of environment - from vanishing bio-diversity to rampant mining, lives of tribes to global climate change, threats to lakes and river contamination to forest conservation, and household waste to solutions of global energy challenges.

Since its inception it has attracted an overwhelming audience as well as films and filmmakers from around the globe; and each time it has grown and become all the more popular. A panel discussion is also conducted during the film festival to provide the audience with a wider context to the meaning of films and their role in societal change.

Format of the Festival:

The festival is proposed as an event, which goes beyond viewing films. Besides showcasing around 15-20 films in a span of 2-3 days, there is a Q&A session with the directors after the completion of each of the films. The films screened are a mix of documentaries, animation films, and feature films made by renowned and the upcoming film makers from around the world. A panel discussion with eminent journalists, environmentalists, academicians, film makers, policy makers, and personalities from civil society organizations, is also conducted on relevant topics during the film festival.

Film Categories:

Films are a medium through which an issue sinks in the mind and heart of people, where they can relate to and debate it. They help in broadening the perspective on environment by bringing a variety of challenging issues through this visually appealing medium. We have over 700 well made films from across India and abroad on a range of environmental issues such as biodiversity, water, environment, wildlife, livelihoods, mining, forest, environmental justice, earth, biodiversity, climate change and sustainability.

Previous Festival Editions:
"Quotes from the Earth" has been an attempt to highlight the environmental challenges faced by people not only in India but also internationally through the powerful medium of films. Launched in the year 2004, the festival focuses upon a range of issues concerning environment such as – Biodiversity, Livelihood, Water, Climate Change and Sustainability. With a variety of films and thematic panel discussions with eminent academicians, vibrant activists and dedicated filmmakers; the festival aims at developing broader understanding on environmental issues among all the stakeholders.

About Toxics Link:

Toxics Link is an environmental research and advocacy organization set up in 1996 by The Just Environment Charitable Trust. It lays a special emphasis on reaching out to numerous grassroots groups; community based organizations and the public at large through its empirical study-based information on environmental issues.

Toxics Link works closely with all other stakeholders working on similar issues and has played a seminal role in facilitating the development of several common platforms for them on the national, regional as well as international levels. Toxics Link works in the area of Waste and Sustainability, Toxics-free Health Care, Chemicals & Health and Information & Communication. We work from New Delhi and have a project office in Goa.

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