In 2016, PFP completed our first short film - COUNTING, directed by Dan Pal, screenplay by Kari Morris. It has gotten great response, and is being showcased at film festivals everywhere. Keep an eye out for it!

This year, we are hoping to film again! Ideally, we would love a short of any genre that could be shot in Chicago in the summer. We have a great team of actors of all ages, so there is no restriction on that, but please keep in mind that we are on a micro-budget, and the script will either need to be written for or adapted for said budget. We want something that is timely and new, and reflects the diverse age in which we live. Comedy or drama - forward looking.

The winning screenplay will be considered for further development and the possibility of being filmed.

This is an informal new event which we hope will help foster more film work and artistic exchange in Chicago and elsewhere. We want to encourage writers – wherever you are - to work with some of the amazing talent Chicago has to offer. As such, we don't have a lot of rules and regulations in our second year.