The Queensland Film Festival (QFF) is dedicated to showcasing the best of contemporary international cinema in all its forms. QFF2017 will be held at the historic New Farm Cinemas, from the 13th to the 23rd of July, alongside at the Institute of Modern Art and the Gallery of Modern Art.

QFF seeks to re-energise local film culture by providing a stimulating environment for thinking and talking about these films.


1) Eligibility

The festival will not accept films that have:
• previously screened in any format or duration in Queensland
• been broadcast online or on Australian television except under special circumstances

2) Preview Screeners

QFF accepts online links. Must be password protected with no time restrictions.

3) Screening Formats

If your film is accepted for screening at the festival, you must be prepared to supply a DCP, ProRes or equivalent HD copy for screening.

If your video image is other than the native 16:9 you must have it pillarboxed or letterboxed during the lab transfer for it to be screened without any image distortion.
DCPs must be DCI compliant, however content does not need to be encrypted. If content is locked, keys must be open for a testing period specified by the festival, and Blu-Ray backup copy must be provided in addition.

4) Submission

Only submissions accompanied by the correct fee, and received by the allocated deadline, will be accepted/considered.
Films submitted without payment will not be considered.
All deadlines are postmarked.

5) Fee Waivers

Sadly, QFF is not able to waive the entry fee as it covers previewing time.

6) Selection

Selected films will be invited by official invitation. The festival will consider submitted entries and if accepted for screening at the festival, the entrant will be advised in writing.

QFF does not provide feedback.

7) Number of Screenings
It is festival policy to schedule films no more than once, unless a supplementary regional screening.

8) Subtitles
Entries produced in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.

9) Publicity Material
Applicants whose films are accepted for screening at the festival are required to provide the following promotional materials for inclusion in the official festival catalogue and/or pre-publicity:

• At least five (5) high resolution stills from the film; images must be 300 dpi or above
• Electronic press kit
• Film posters and flyers (if available)
• Director’s biography
• A high resolution director head shot; images must be 300 dpi or above
• Copies of press reviews (if available)
• A high resolution preview trailer on digital format
The festival reserves the right to use an excerpt from the film not exceeding three minutes for promotional purposes.
The festival reserves the right to use DVD preview screeners for publicity purposes.

10) Freight

All films must be sent pre-paid. If for some extraordinary reason the producer(s) or distributor(s) are unable to supply a film under these conditions, the film may still be accepted but only if prior arrangements have been made with the Festival Director.
QFF will only pay the in-bound shipping and customs charges for films invited to the festival.

To ensure shipments originating outside of Australia clear customs without delay, please follow these instructions:

a) Include 3 copies of a Proforma Invoice (declaration of contents) containing the following information: Sender's name, address and telephone number, Receiver's address (festival address,) Title of Film and format (e.g., 35mm) Length of film, Fair market value (standard are $50 AUS for tapes and $100 AUS for feature-length 35mm print and DCP). Please note the value must not exceed $1000 AUS in order to clear Australian customs without delay. Also include Country of manufacture, Declaration "Goods on loan for festival purposes only. No commercial value. Non-pornographic". Sender's signature
b) The proforma invoices must be included with the courier waybill.

11) Liability

Films accepted by the festival are indemnified while in our possession and in transit while being returned to the entrant or forwarded to the next destination. In the event of print loss or damage, the festival's liability shall be limited to the cost of making a new screening copy according to current laboratory rates for a standard print.

12) Consent
Entry in the festival implies consent to screening and publicity in accordance with the regulations stated above.