Welcome to the Queens Underground International Film Festival - October Season.

October Waiver Code (Submit By August 15th): August15discount
Also submit Horror Shorts & Music Videos

We're here to introduce your Movie (short or long), Music, Dance, Poetry Video, Web Series or Talk Show Episodes and Business or Organizational Commercial to new audiences and long time fans.

Nestled in the most historic area of Queens, NY, we're all about Creativity, Indie Artists and Filmmakers, Casts and Crews along with Entreprneurs. We built a Platform for all which many of the filmmakers wo've returned for several seasons, refer to as Family.

From The Underrepresented and Underserved, the Shy, The Underdog, the First Timer, to the Seasoned Professional, we bring everyone together to Celebrate Your Stories, your hard work, your dedication and team.

We're here to Honor Your Work. We're up to 16 Countries and looking forward to Submissions from many more.

In-Person and Virtual, we love the participation of the Filmmakers and Cast, many of which attend every year.

October will Feature:
In-Person and Virtual
Filmmakers Panel
Filmmakers Personal Video
Multiple Series Episodes
Awards Night
Special Screenings
Trailers on opposite Screening Days
Online Playbill
Article and Trailer in local Paper
Invitation To Join The Facebook Group
Invitation for additional Live Screenings
Affiliate Commission for Ticket Sales
and more

Filmmakers will upload projects and accompanying files to the VIrtual Platform.

Affiliate Ticket Commissions
Revenue Share
Additional Promotions
Possible Distribution Offers

-*Must have Movie Poster with Title
-*Filmmaker will upload project, trailer and poster to Virtual Platform
-*Trailer is highly Recommended for promoting
-*Must include at least one Social Media Account - both Instagram and Facebook perferred
-Virtual Platform is Geo Blocked
-Must be your original work
-The email address you submit with is the one which will recieve virtual access
-You will receive the link to upload to the Virtual Platform (Film, Trailer, Personal Video)
-Meet All Deadlines
-Laurel, when received, Placed on Title and uploaded to Submission Page
-Meet all Deadlines
-Nothing Hateful, demeaning, racist, biased or overly violent
-Refunds Are Not Issued
-We promote before, during an after film festivals
-Do not send files by email
-Check your junk mail and promotion tab for emails sent via FilmFreeway
-Tag us frequently @culturaltvnetwork @queensundergroundfilmfest
-Schedule of Screenings subject to change
-No changes or additions may be made after the deadline