Welcome To The 2nd Annual 1st Ever
Queens Underground Black and Brown History Month
International Film Festival


Opening Reception: February 20th, 2021

4-6 Day Festival, Live Performances, Community Awards beginning February 20th and continuing for several dates in April 2021: April 16, 17, 24 & 25 In Person & Virtual.

IN PERSON & ONLINE (For International Filmmakers & Guests)

-Best Short
-Best Full Length Feature (movie or stage play)
-Best Short By A Woman Filmmaker
-Best Poetry Video
-Best Music Video
-Best Dance Video
-Best Comedy Video
-Best College Student Project
-Best Junior or High School Project
-Best Web Series Episode
-Best Documentary / Reenactment
-Best Movie Trailer
-Best Small Business Commercial
-Best Large Bus./Organizational Commercial

*Special Mention For*:
-Fan Favorite
-Directors Choice

Join our MONTHLY FILMMAKERS FORUM, Every 1st Saturday, 2pm EST -
email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com

**Please Read the Rules and Terms before Submitting. We are no longer able to extend deadlines for incomplete or improper submissions.**

In Person Screenings and Receptions will be held in Queens, NY (Home to historical creative legends such as Count Basie, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Keith Murray, A Tribe Called Quest, 50 Cent, Salt & Peppa, Al Roker, and so many more AND/OR Online.

GENRES: Drama, Mystery, Educational, Abstract, Animated, Comedic, Science Fiction, Claymation, Fantasy, Thriller, Fringe Horror (PG14 type), Action, Adventure, Family, Documentary, Romance, Indie, Documentary, Behind The Scenes, Experimental, Cos Play, and/or Historical, etc.

Submit several entries or submit to several categories by following the requirements and submitting within the deadlines.

This Season, we're still here, just like you - surviving a worldwide pandemic, movements, causes, hardships and hope. As the 1st Ever International Black and Brown History Month Film Festival - Bring us your Expressive, Bold, Challenging Projects which demand attention.

WE'RE SO BOLD that we've changed Black History Month to Black and Brown History and then we changed the dates to 1 (one) day in February and several weekends in April when the weather is much nicer and we can also celebrate National Poetry Month, ending with a huge Poetry Slam.

WE ARE OPEN TO ANYONE from Anywhere - this is where you can tell your Story, Sing Your Song, Dance Your Dance, Tell a Joke or Two, Demonstrate Your Talent, show us how You host your Talk Show / Podcast. Stop us in our tracks with Your Poetry, Music (Singles, Groups, Bands), by sharing information about your Organization, Club, Cause, Neighborhood, Family, Culture, Traditions, or ideas of what the Future will look like. Yes, Film that Stage Play, Cos Play Scene, Demo Reel, Bloopers, Behind The Scenes Footage.

WE AVERAGE 12 countries per season and we're based in Queens, NY, Queens is both the largest borough in New York City and t the most ethnically diverse urban area in the entire world, boasting over 100 nations and 138 different languages.

BUSINESSES / ENTREPRENEURS: If your Business is still Open, Submit Your Commercial - meet a whole new group of potential customers all around the world.

BE CREATIVE, BOLD, UNIQUE, TRADITIONAL OR UNCONVENTIONAL. What's Your Story, Share Your Story, We Want To See Your Story. Break the Rules, break the 3rd Wall; exercise your right of Creative License - we're Ready to take you to the Big Screen, Red Carpet with our "Out Of The Box" Platform, inclusive of Live Performances, Pop-Up Shop, Community Awards, Retreats & Monthly Filmmakers Forums - every 1st Saturday (email: QueensUnderground718.com) to reserve your seat.

FROM AGES 10 AND UP, Filmmakers may submit from anywhere in the world. Non-English Audio Must have English Subtitles. You can submit as an individual, group, organization, club, program, institution, or small business.

**All submissions must meet the deadline and all other requirements.**

Follow Us On Instagram: @QueensUndergroundFilmFest and @CulturalTVNetwork

Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com

Visit: QueensUnderground718.com to learn more and stay updated, enter, and purchase screening tickets.

For The February/April Black and Brown History Month Film Festival:

Everyone is a Winner. We give out "Special Mention" Certificates and additional Laurels.

Some projects will be invited to submit to the Cultural TV Network on our "Movie Channel" along with other Discounted and/or free upload offers from our partners.

Different Prizes Every Season Including:

Free Submission to several popular Internet TV and Streaming Platforms,
Consultation with various industry professions,
Membership to several large networking Organizations,
Trophy Branded Items,
Cash Prizes,
Interview with several Talk Shows
Discounts with several other notable Platforms

Keep in mind that if your project is not screened during the festival for any reason, there are still many opportunities to be featured on any of our other platforms.


Please read and re-read all of the Rules and Terms.


QueensUnderground718.com for more info, trailers, merchandise, discounts and Red Carpet Interviews.

NOTE: The Festival will take place whether In-Person or Online depending on the severity of the coronavirus. Advance notice will be given. If the Film Festival is online, you will be sent a link to access the Festival. Unfortunately, due to the cost of technology in setting up an online festival, filmmakers will also pay a nominal fee to attend In-Person.

No refunds are issued for any reason - make sure to follow the requirements, the most important of which are ensuring that your file (Project & Trailer) are Downloadable, submit a professional Movie-styled Poster, include your Instagram and Facebook information, we'll follow and tag you, please do the same, make sure all of the requirements are completed before the final Deadline of March 15th.

GOOD NEWS: The Festival will definitely be available for international filmmakers regardless of the virus situation. In consideration of various time zones, the link will be active for 48 hours only. This includes all Film Festival Days. See website for Tickets and other offers.

1. Always check your Junk Mail, Social and Promotional Folders to make sure that you are receiving our emails via FilmFreeway.

2. All deadlines and other requirements must be met. No exceptions. Not adhering to deadlines will affect whether or not your project is screened at the Festival including Online.

3. Your Project MUST BE DOWNLOADABLE in mp4 or mov file formats only, NOT STREAMED from platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo. These are not downloadable and, therefore, WILL NOT BE SCREENED at the Festival In-person nor Online. You will receive one (1) request and if a downloadable file is not submitted by the deadline, unfortunately your project will not be screened; no refunds apply. We're mobile and do not rely on wifi at venues.

4. Ensure that you include a downloadable Movie Trailer. We cannot promote your projects in advance without a poster and trailer. It would be a shame not to attract additional attention to your project.

5. A Movie Poster with a TITLE is mandatory. Please do not submit just a picture without a title. Your Movie Poster is your "Business Card" and "Teaser" to gain interest in your project.

6. You may always start uploading now to take advantage of discount and then complete all of the uploading before the deadline.

7. GOLD DISCOUNTS: You may only use one (1) of any Discount Code Per Entry. If you are a Gold Member, you may not use more than One (1) discount code per made.

8. Quality Of Projects: No worries, we do not expect everyone to have access to "movie quality" cameras and editing. Consumer cameras and cell phones may be used to film - for this film festival -the focus is on the story and creativity. However, we do expect quality submissions. All of the other requirements must still be met.

9. Should we experience an overflow of submissions for any festival, all projects will be viewed by the Panel and added to our Online Platform. Based on the days and hours we have at the Venue, all projects may not be selected for in-person screening, but again, all projects will be available to you and the virtual audience on the Virtual Platform and our Internet TV Station for festival days.

10. Let us know if you like to have your project featured for one month on our Internet Station anytime after the Festival to help you promote and/or fundraise, and share your Talent with our viewership.


TAG Us: @QueensUndergroundFilmFest @NYInternationalFilmFestival @culturaltvnetwork


You may send in a Drop, Video Clip, Directors Statement, Bloopers, etc. under 3 minutes for us to use to promote you to potential new followers and fans.


Rated "R" Projects:
We are now accepting Projects that include standard "Rated R" content, however, we will only screen tasteful projects where profanity and only "some" nudity is necessary to tell the story. Any projects with excessive use of certain words will not be screened publicly, may not be viewed by all of the judges and in some instances will not be added to the virtual platforms. This includes lyrics in projects and in music video's especially. If you are unsure, it is best to contact us first - refunds will not be issued. Absolutely No hate, no inflammatory nor discriminatory content accepted for visuals, verbalizations or lyrics.

From 5 minutes to 20 minutes; (please note that any films which were submitted prior to the ten (10) minute minimum length will still be accepted and judged as all other entries).

(poets, comedians, singers, dancers, musicians, writers, songwriters, rappers) from 1 to 5 minutes.

3. WEB SERIES EPISODE / PODCAST /RADIO SHOW: may be submitted with episode time under 30 minutes.

4. Small Business and Large Business, Group, Club, Organization Commercials or PSA: 1 minute up to 5 minutes.


You may submit to any category or to as many categories as you wish.

If the audio is not English, accurate subtitling in English must be included for all characters and sounds.

Filmmakers may submit several movies, videos, or commercials per category and/or submit works for 1, 2, or 3 or more categories - each submission requires a separate registration and fee.

**You understand and agree that your work is original and not copy written by any other individual or group. Your work may include whole or part of any works that are classified as Public Domain in the United States Of America.

-By submitting your film, video, small business commercial, photo’s, short bio and synopsis (required) you are giving us full permission to use any or all of the materials to promote, advertise, market, and screen publicly before, during and after the Festival and on any or all of our media platforms.

-Submissions may not contain any or suggest any content that is violent, racist, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, overly sexual, culturally, or ethnically offensive in any way. Projects or posters submitted with cursing which is not considered necessary within context of the story will not be Screened at the Film Festival. Projects with adult content, if selected, will be shown towards the end of the Festival. No refunds are issued.

-Queens Underground Reserves The Right, to remove or delete your submission without notice and without limitations where any instances of non-compliance have occurred. Make sure that you follow instructions, submit the required File Formats and meet all Deadlines. No refunds or credit are issued.

-Entry does not guarantee acceptance or screening at the film festival, nor does it guarantee Screening if the requirements have not been met. Refunds nor credit are issued.

-If your project is not downloadable, it will be viewed by the Panel, but will not be screened publicly at the Festival and all other rules apply.

-Scheduling of screenings will be organized by Queens Underground. You will be able to determine the approximate time of your screening based on the start time. For non-US time zones, you will have access to the Festival link for approximately 12-24 hours.

-Full credit for all participants must be included.

-Student Discount: For Film Festivals with student projects, the student must be enrolled in a film, video or production program or completed a program within the last 6 months. Proof may be required and will have to be submitted by the requested deadline. Only one (1) discount may be used per entry.

-Tag Us: @QueensUndergroundFilmFest @NYInternationalArtsFestival @culturaltvnetwork

-Filmmakers may receive receive 1 free online ticket for the day of their screening only. Depending on Covid Restrictions, there may be a nominal ticket fee at Venues. We suggest that if you are in another country and/or the Film Festival is only held virtually, that you set up a watch party and even charge for tickets to fund your next project. VIP seating tickets will also be available - detailed information may be found on the Website.

-With your submission you are hereby agreeing to indemnify and hold completely harmless the Queens Underground 718 International Film Festival, Queens Center Of The Arts, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, partners, affiliates, staff and volunteers, etc. from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and all court costs/fees) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of, or damage to, the screening videos entered. You understand that submitting does not guarantee screening. You understand and agree that refunds are not issued. You understand and agree to meet the requirements and deadlines.

-You understand that No materials will be returned. Refunds are not issued.

-You understand that If entries exceed the expected amount, the dates for screenings and may be extended. You will be notified in advance.

-You will also be notified of any changes for dates and policies - please make sure that you are receiving and checking junk and social email folders for notices.

-If you do not read or speak English - you are responsible to find and utilize a translator or translation App. All communication with the Festival Team must be in English. Queens Underground does not accept responsibility for any Non-English miscommunications.

-Translations for your submissions must be accurate and exact. Any entry with misrepresented subtitles will be removed immediately.

***Entry fees (submission fees), ticket purchases and all other fees are non-refundable. Cash prizes, if any, will be sent in US dollars and only transferred through standard online business Apps.

-Check for Updates at QueensUnderground718.com

-Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com


Overall Rating
  • Donald Wilson

    What a great experience! Everyone I had to deal with was wonderful! We had a great time at the festival and I cannot wait to join them again in the future. I know the this festival will continue to grow and prosper. Thanks for giving many filmmakers and creatives a voice in a very crowded arena. Cheers!

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    Donald, it was so wonderful that you and your actors attended. I have the pictures of the three of you on the Red Carpet. Thank you for your kind words and we look forward to seeing you at the next Festival!, Adrienne

  • Bradley Thomas

    Great experience! Came all the way from Dallas and got a warm welcome from the host and everyone in attendance. It was a great opportunity to showcase my work and see the variety of films from the other talented artist. Can’t wait till the next one.

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    Bradley, we thank you for your animated project! It was exciting and did us proud. Thank you also for your Video Postings on IG, you're excitement kept us going! Can't wait to see your next project - you're inspiration for other young minorities to pursue animation and claymation. We look forward to seeing you next year!, Adrienne

  • The Queens Underground International Black History Film Festival was such a delightful event. I was very impression with the entire production and pleased by everyone's courtesy. It was an honor to be chosen, be a part and received by the Queens Underground International Black History Film Festival.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    M**** Wildflower - you're Poetry Video was beautiful and as we see now with the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement out of necessity, ahead of it's time. Keep creating Prose and Videos to share and inspire. You are a voice, an awareness deserving of an expansive platform. With so much appreciation, Adrienne

  • Fantastic Festival. Great communication. Definitely recommend!

    December 2019
  • Brigitte James

    The Queens Underground Film Fest was a great networking experience.

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Serious Voice, we thank you for having shared your behind the scenes Video at the Festival and we look forward to to your next video or episode from your wonderful radio show. Your determination to represent Christian Rap and Talk is very much needed and valued. Thank you, Adrienne