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Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces is a coming of age, dual protagonist film that follows both the lives of Matt, a songwriter looking for a date to his brother and ex girlfriend’s wedding; and Jess, a closeted lesbian that puts every waking moment of energy into her bass guitar, which she plays to impress her father. After practicing night after night alone in her room Jess begins pursuing bands in order to have a social outlet away from him. She meets Matt’s guitarist Trevor at a gay night club and joins the band. Immediately, Matt falls head over heels for her, and they develop a close relationship having had a lot of trauma in their pasts.
One day after practice they go on a walk through the woods and Matt tries to kiss Jess, sending her into a frenzy of emotions. She slaps him. They’re both confused and unsure of what to do next and eventually to break the awkwardness Jess agrees to kiss him. They attend the wedding rehearsal, with a tense and strange friendship, and in an act of rebellion they bake laxatives into the cake. Caught in the act, Matt’s ex girlfriend (Noelle) barges in and guilts Matt into believing he’s at fault for her cheating on him.
Jess connects Matt’s pain with her stress from her father and thinks she can try to fake her emotions with Matt in order to make a relationship work. One day, she kisses him but has an emotional break down in the bathroom where she is haunted by the ghosts of her lesbian past, her father’s overbearing attitude on her career path and that she doesn’t really love Matt.
When she leaves the bathroom Matt surprises her with the news that they have booked a concert hall to perform in and they go off to celebrate at the local roller rink where Matt confesses his love for her. She can’t take it anymore and tells him that she is acting when she kisses him and storms off. Leaving Matt to attend the wedding alone and forcing Jess to quit the band putting her relationship with her father in shambles. Will Matt overcome his insecurities by moving on from his past? Will Jess finally stand up to her father and claim her independence?

  • Mason Aksamit
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    comedy, romance, coming of age
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    United States
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Writer - Mason Aksamit