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Puzzle Pieces

Dive into a heartwarming tale that weaves romance, comedy, and the pursuit of self-discovery. ‘Puzzle Pieces’ is the story of a hopeful musician battling low self-worth, yearning for love with a closeted lesbian. As they navigate personal journeys—she faces challenges from her overbearing father, he confronts his romantic trauma—the narrative unfolds into a unique romantic comedy and coming-of-age tale.
Promising to resonate with diverse audiences, this project features an LGBT lead, adding depth and inclusivity to the storyline. It's an opportunity to invest in the magic of love and self-discovery that will captivate hearts and minds.
Connect with me to play a pivotal role in bringing this enchanting project to life. Reach out via private message or email at Let's make this extraordinary journey a reality together.

  • Mason Aksamit
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    comedy, romance, coming of age
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    United States
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Writer - Mason Aksamit