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Purple Words On A Grey Background

Purple Words On A Grey Background is a story about a girl named Dove who is trying to find herself while she suffers with loneliness and depression. Her family and friends don't understand her and she wishes she could escape to a place where she feels noticed and loved. She has insomnia, so during the night she rides the train, searching for answers of who she is. Her and her friend Bella get invited to Lexi's party and when she realises her love Tom will be there, she is overjoyed, but when she arrives and sees him with another girl, she goes back to feeling worthless. She soon realises who she needs in her life and how the only way she can get better is through helping herself. This film is a tale of constant battles that young teens face as they grow up. It includes beautiful visual aspects and scenes that reflect the reality of living with mental illness, like the toilet scene. This film is the perfect summary of my life as depressed teenager.

  • Holly Mary Turner
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • PLAY competition - Customs House Shortlisted
    Customs House, South Shields
    July 12, 2021
    Shortlisted for PLAY Stage Play Competition
  • Your Voice: North East - Shortlisted Script
    Live Theatre
    September 11, 2021
    Shortlisted for Stage Play
Writer Biography - Holly Mary Turner

Hello! My name is Holly Turner and I am a writer for print, stage and film. I started my experience when I was sixteen as a writer for Darkus Magazine where I wrote reviews and interviewed bands and artists like the Stereophonics, Pixies and Lindsey Stirling. From here I became a social media team member and within a year, I became editorial assistant. I love to write and I found that my passion really lied in writing for the stage and for the screen. I have done some freelance writing work where I was published in Little White Lies magazine and Euphoria magazine. My play 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' has been shortlisted for two competitions. PLAY competition at Customs House Theatre and Your Voice: North East at Live Theatre. I have also written a short film about mental health called 'Purple Words On A Grey Background'.

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Writer Statement

While I have just begun my journey as a screenwriter/playwright, I am incredibly passionate and excited to make this a career. 'American Beauty' was the turning point for me. I fell in love with Alan Ball's writing and knew that was what I wanted to do. I am always looking for work in screenwriting and playwriting.