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Punk Snot Dead

England, 1981: A 17-year-old disillusioned punk leaves his small town to take a life changing, rite-of-passage journey across the UK following his favorite bands.
Removed from the protection of his dysfunctional family, he is smacked in the face by reality and faced with the perils and dangers of a life on the street.
Live music culture shouldn’t be a life-threatening event but the tribal gauntlet of the early 80’s meant seeing your favorite band meant exposing yourself to junkies, gangs of Skinheads, feral bouncers and rabid undercover police officers.
Hardening quickly, our young punk adapts to living in the moment, but is this really a better life than what he left behind?
Punk Snot Dead is based on the true-life story of Cameron Mouat (aka Kerrang! Journalist, Morat). Currently residing in Las Vegas, USA with his model wife, Morat is still a renowned music journalist and photographer and has two fiction novels in development for a series by Canadian production company, Rogue Rock Pictures.

  • Stuart Newman
    Streetpunk the movie
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    Drama, biography, music, gang related
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Writer Biography - Stuart Newman, Morat

SCREENWRITING (unproduced)

2018 – Consumed – Horror Feature (Draft 8)
A woman, tortured by nightmares and psychological issues, discovers her family history is responsible for her troubles. Can she resolve them before her triplets are delivered?

2018 – How’s Your Father – Drama Feature (Structure Draft)
Dark-as-hell drama about a patriarchally abandoned teenager who runs away to the big smoke, moving from one life changing event to the next in an ever contracting personal hell.

2019 – CHAOS – TV Series – (Draft 2).
An estranged Rock & Rol band revisit the long buried past.

2019 – Brit Boy in Lietuva – Drama Feature – Log Line.
When his daughter is kidnapped abroad, a xenophobic businessman must fight his prejudices or lose the only thing that matters to him.

2020 - PUNK SNOT DEAD - Drama Feature - 3rd Draft (Book adaptation).
Renowned Heavy Rock journalist, Morat begins his road much-less-travelled life with a traumatic road trip through the tribal Great Britain of 1981.

OTHER CREDITS (produced)

1993-2001 – Publisher of underground music magazine and web site – Control! (later Kontrol!)

1995 - Program Editor/Writer - The Exploited - Rock & Roll Outlaws
VHS/DVD - Visionary Comminucations.

1996 - Program Editor/Writer - Oi! The Video pt 1 & 2.
VHS - Visionary Comminucations.

1996 - Program Editor/Writer - H.I.T.S. Festival Documentary.
VHS/DVD Cherry Red Records.

2006-2017 – Writer of 33 songs from 6 albums from Punk band, Underclass UK. (PLL records)

2019 - Program Editor/Writer - Legends of Punk Discharge
(DVD/Blueray) Lost Data Productions.

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From the heart via the mind. Trying to make sense of the darkness.