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Provincial Girls

Marina is a young girl living in a poor Ukrainian village. She and her friend Tanya come to the USA under the Work and Travel program. With classmates Matvey and Kolya, Marina wrote the script for the film and shot a teaser for it to sell it in Hollywood. Tanya wants to find a rich groom.
At home Marina has a trouble: in the near future, her family needs to pay a fee for the privatization of their house, otherwise they will be evicted and thrown on the street. Marina promises to get the money.
The girls get a job in a hotel in Hollywood. One of the guests of the hotel turns out to be the big shark of the Anniversary film studio Ronnie Dickens with his young lover Charlie. Marina manages to hand Dickens her script for reading, which he entrusts the employee of the film studio Christina.
Later on the girls meet with screenwriter agent Danny Boal. He buys out the script with the condition of its nondisclosure, after which Kolya and Matvey assume that Boal, together with Anniversary, will sue them if information emerges that the studio already has the script. Friends decide that the best way is to destroy the script which Marina gave to Ronnie Dickens and to get it sold through Marina’s agent Mr. Boal.
Meanwhile, Boal brings Marina's script to Anniversary hoping to sell it. Ronnie Dickens flatly rejects the script.
Marina and Tanya go to the amusement park, where they meet Derek, a trainee from the Anniversary studio. Tanya has sex with Derek, which later blackmails him demanding to destroy the script which Ronnie Dickens brought.
The girls arrive at the hotel very late and are late for work in the morning, for which the hotel manager, Mrs. Lawrence, instructs them to serve a banquet for elderly golfers, where Mr. Perevig pays attention to Marina. He dances with her and kisses her to make old lady Miss Grace jealous. Marina runs away from him.
Also at the banquet, Marina sees Charlie with another man, takes a photo of them, after which Charlie chases Marina, and she, running away, destroys everything in her path, and then runs onto the stage where the spaghetti eating contest is taking place, where Mister Perevig is waiting for her. Marina leaves the stage right into Charlie's clutches. Charlie demands to remove the compromising photo, Marina says that it is pointless, since the photo is already in the cloud, which her friend has access to. Marina demands that Charlie convince Dickens to buy her script from Boal.
Marina receives a message from her dad that tomorrow her parents urgently need $ 5,000 for the house privatization fee. Marina is saddened by this news.
In the morning, the hotel manager scolds Marina about the mess on yesterday's banquet. A courier arrives at the hotel with flowers for Marina from Mr. Perevig and an invitation to his place. Manager Mrs. Lawrence relents. Marina asks Lawrence to give her salary in advance, but is refused.
Hoping to get money to send home, Marina and Tanya go to Mr. Perevig. He gives the girls money to freshen up and buy new dresses and invites them to a dog show in which his dog takes part.
Marina sends money to the account that dad indicated in the message.
So that Derek's girlfriend Christina does not find out about the betrayal with Tanya, Derek steals Marina's script, which Christina has read, and burns it in the washroom, which causes the fire alarm in the film studio building to go off and a commotion in it. The building manager finds Derek in the washroom and the guy says he just smoked there.
In the evening at the dog show, Marina notices Miss Grace and asks Tanya to bring her to Mr. Perevig in order to divert his attention from herself. Tanya, meanwhile, brings a drink to Miss Grace, allegedly from Mr. Perevig. Miss Grace walks over to thank him. The canned dog eating contest begins. Mr. Perevig is rooting for his dog, and Tanya discreetly pours the drink on Grace's dress. Grace suspects Perevig of this and slaps him in the face, which causes a spark to inflame passion between them. Marina and Tanya leave, but the guard, who saw what Tanya was doing, tries to stop them. The girls run away in different directions, Marina loses her purse with her phone.
A homeless man helps her to get home. The next morning girls ask him to go to the hotel to pick up Marina's purse for $ 50 reward. He agrees and almost succeeds, but the guard, who caught the girls the day before, is in no hurry to hand over the purse. The homeless man grabs it and runs away. The three are hiding in a safe place under the bridge. The homeless man complains about fate, and Marina decides to help him.
Having received her phone and news from her parents, Marina finds out that she sent the money to the scammers who stole her father's phone.
Meanwhile, at the Anniversary studio, Christina finds out that there is no Marina's script. Derek accuses the Dicken’s assistant Kyle of stealing. Christina has a fight with Kyle in the hallway, calling him and Ronnie Dickens fagots. Dickens hears this and fires Christina, putting Derek in her place. Christina brakes up with Derek.
Charlie comes to Anniversary. He joins Dickens in watching Marina's short film, admiring what he saw and convincing Ronnie Dickens to make this movie. Dickens says that indeed has not much material to shoot, because the script that Boal brought the other day is no good at all. Dickens asks Derek to bring the script that Marina gave him and he handed Christina. Derek says the script is lost. Charlie volunteers to go to Marina's hotel for her script.
The building manager appears and reports that Derek caused a flood while smoking in the washroom. Dickens gets angry and dismisses Derek from his current position and appoints Kyle in his place, while Derek now brings coffee to Dickens.
Charlie goes to Marina and says that Dickens does not even consider the script brought by Boal, but wants to read Marina's script in return for the lost copy because he likes the short film. Marina cannot give her script, fearing a lawsuit from Boal’s or Anniversary’s side, and removes Charlie’s compromising photo. She’s upset that her dreams are ruined.
Marina receives a call from Mr. Perevig, apologizing for leaving her on the evening of the dog show. Marina asks for a favour as a sign of reconciliation.
Mr. Perevig comes to Boal and asks to buy out Marina's script for $ 500,000 so that it does not go to Ronnie Dickens, his longtime enemy, but asks to keep his name a secret until the deal is closed. Boal promises to consider this proposal. After Mr. Perevig has left, Boal calls Dickens and informs him that his longtime enemy, whose name he cannot say, is willing to pay $ 500,000 for this script. Dickens doesn't like to lose, so he buys this script for $ 1 million to keep it.
Boal tells the good news to Marina, she is immensely happy, while she is going to hire a homeless person who helped her on the set. There is now money to buy out the parents' home, and the dream of filming a movie in Hollywood has come true. She shares the good news with her Urcainian friends. Derek comes to Tanya, they are happy to see each other and kiss.
After transferring money for the script, Ronnie Dickens calls Boal to finally find out the name of the enemy. Boal gives the name of Mr. Perevig, which perplexes Dickens.

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