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Pros Vs Cons

In this modern day comedy a group of recently released ex convicts get in over their heads on a reality show. Micheal Turner struggles to find a job to support his family. After being rejected from several job prospects due to his felony background, his get rich quick cousin Luis helps him to get on a Reality show that promises a $100,000 dollar grand prize and exoneration to the winner. All they have to do is survive 6 months in the wilderness using only their street smarts and wit. Micheal is teamed with Luis, Reaper, Lenard,Billy, and True. All coming from different backgrounds they must put their differences and egos aside. While trying to overcome social prejudices and stereotypes. They compete against a team of experienced First Responders, Military,and also the same Officer who put Micheal in prison. The ex cons can survive the concrete jungle, but can they survive the woods.

  • Leslie Rodriguez
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer - Leslie Rodriguez