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Prom Stories

Two middle-school teenagers, Tyla Kummingtam and Mandy Andler is stuck on the elevator with the Operator, Noel Rammock while attending a hockey game. While the elevator was getting fixed, Noel tells them a story, from back in 1987, about a girl named Cayla Greatless, a geeky high-school junior who wanted Nochella Cartier, a handsome, Varsity high-school senior to be her prom date. It was not successful. On the night of the prom, Nochella’s date was a no-show. That is until Cayla had arrived in her stretch limo. She hops out of it; she went from looking like a geek to looking like a cinderella princess. The two had ended up being each other’s prom date. Noel tells another story from back in 2000, about a high-school senior named Nolander Banderson, who wanted to fit in the crowd but got rejected. Tyla tells her portion of the story where one of the popular girls named Charity stop Nolander from walking out by asking him to join her and a few of her friends for the last of the prom. He accepts it and parties with them.
Next night Noel tells another prom story from back in 1997, about a boy named Nodiggi, a heavyset high schooler who’s very popular with the ladies. During lunch period, he meets a less popular, but a gorgeous girl named Lesiree, in which they became friends for a day and study partners. The next day, Tyla tell Mandy who’s in the hospital a same story but has a different portion.

She explains that in 1997, Nodiggi, who was gonna ask Lesiree to be his prom date until a sexy high-school jock approach her and asked Lesiree to be his date and she accepts. On the night of the prom, Lesiree and the jock attends but the jock only attended because he wanted to become a prom king in which he didn’t win. It didn’t stop Lesiree from having a good time with Nodiggi. Later night, Mandy’s father, Thurlow tells his prom story. About back in 1991, him and his late wife went from being prom dates to him proposing to be his wife.
The next morning, Noel tells another prom story in front of Tyla’s class from back in 1998, Charlie Nosix gets into a altercation with a eighth grader and both gets in trouble. The story ends with Tyla being in the hospital and the nurses and Tyla’s parents throwing a prom inside the hospital game room for the patients and Tyla.

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