Writers! We want to make your short film screenplay.

PRO:DUCED Short Screenplay Competition is offering a screenwriter an amazing opportunity to have their short screenplay produced by an award winning team of filmmakers.

After the success of their award winning short film HANGRY, the producers are looking for a daring, contemporary short film to launch on the worldwide festival circuit in 2017.

We're looking for a short screenplay, 10 pages or less with minimal cast and locations.

The short film should be of universal appeal. It will be filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

We have given writers a Last Chance to Submit deadline of April 7, so get writing and submit! This will be the absolute, final deadline. No exceptions.

Creative Team
Director's Showreel: https://vimeo.com/194327220
Director of Photography's Showreel: https://vimeo.com/136413039
HANGRY short film teaser: https://vimeo.com/194330081

WINNER - Best Short Screenplay

The first place winning screenplay will be produced by award winning production companies Peregrine Productions (Australia) and East Hill Film Co. to be completed and screened at LOOP Project Space & Bar in 2017.

Runners up will receive a certificate of Merit.

There is no limit on the number of short screenplays you can submit; however, each short screenplay submitted by you must be original and different from any other short screenplay submitted by you, submitted separately and accompanied by its own completed submission form and participant agreement. Short screenplays may be a maximum of 10 pages, must be in English and must be submitted in proper script format.

PRO:DUCED Screenplay competition reserves the right to reject any short screenplay that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, contains prohibited content or is offensive, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable. All eligible entries received by PRO:DUCED Short Screenplay Competition will be judged by a selection committee and the production companies sponsoring the competition.

No refunds for submission fees will be given.

By submitting your screenplay for consideration for the PRO:DUCED Screenplay competition, you agree for the production companies Peregrine Productions (Australia) and East Hill Film Co. to produce your short screenplay if selected as the overall winner.

By submitting your screenplay you agree to signing over the rights of your screenplay to the production companies Peregrine Productions (Australia) and East Hill Film Co. to view, distribute, edit and produce the winning screenplay in the beneficial means of the competition and outside the competition.

The winning script of the PRO:DUCED Short Screenplay Competition will have the complete production rights signed over to Peregrine Productions (Australia) and East Hill Film Co. to produce and distribute the film.

The completed film will screen at LOOP Project Space & Bar, Melbourne, Australia.

PRO:DUCED Short Screenplay Competition reserves the right to cancel this competition should not enough entries be submitted OR if the producers do not find a screenplay of the quality required to go into full production. Should this occur, all entrants to the PRO:DUCED Short Screenplay Competition will receive a full refund on their submissions.