Private Project

Proclamation Punctuation

“Proclamation Punctuation” is an enthralling fashion film centered on a fabulously fascinating woman reciting a short soliloquy paying homage to her love for using exclamation points in her missives. Periods are so period, where as an exclamation point livens up a sentence! There is simply nothing worse than a long dragged out sentence ending in an uninspiring dull dot! So when exclamation points are your philosophy on life, one must always keep it on the up beat!!

  • Sewra G Kidane
  • Yvonne Durant
  • Namakula Nasejje Musoke
  • Ayo Janeen Jackson
    Key Cast
  • Jenique Bell
    Hair & Make-up
  • Jeffrey Allen Scott
    Music/Original Score
  • Sewra G Kidane
    Fiml Editor
  • Sewra G Kidane
    Creative Director/Direction
  • Chandra L. Moore
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short, Other
  • Genres:
    Fashion Film, Short
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 35 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 20, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    9,000 USD
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Sewra G Kidane

Sewra G Kidane is a New York City based, award winning Commercial Film Editor, with over 10 years of experience editing with some of New York City’s top advertising agencies, networks and heavy hitters in the music industry. Her love for working with fashion and beauty based film projects lead her to want to direct her own and first fashion film.

The concept for "Proclamation Punctuation" came about from Ms. Kidane noticing how much she herself was using exclamation points in her correspondences. They were everywhere! There were exclamation points in business emails, casual emails, even serious toned emails! Yet, taking them out seriously changed the tone of what she was trying to convey. She's a very sunshine type of personality and not having them in, just wasn't staying true to who she was! So they stayed. An epiphany was had which sparked the idea and vision for "Proclamation Punctuation", an homage fashion film to the exclamation point!

Noticing Black film and Black fashion missing from the fashion film circuit, Ms. Kidane decided to create her own lane and fashion film. Having been in the post production industry for upwards of 15 years, Ms. Kidane curated a select group of skilled and creative colleagues blazing paths in their own respective lanes to work on “Proclamation Punctuation”.

Creating stretches farther than just creative editing for her, and now directing. She is also an accomplished jeweler of her own jewelry line; Waist Beads by Sewra;, specializing in artistry beading and contemporary waist beads; an ancient tradition of adornment. Editing and beading go hand in hand, as one inspires the other to push forward. Waist bead designs, like edit cuts, start off as distinct separate elements, that in the end, come together to form a beautifully strung ensemble.

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Director Statement

"My favorite word in the whole wide world is KUJICHAGULIA! It's a Kwanzaa principle and it means self-determination. I love saying this word, I love hearing it and I love reading it! The spirit of the word has been a guiding force for me even before I knew what the word was or meant. It essentially means to create you own path and your own destiny. Your own way! Because I wasn't working on the type of films I wanted to edit and because I didn't see fashion films that reflected and spoke to me as a woman and to my Black beauty... I created my own."