The Procida Film Festival comes from a long Journey.
In 2002 the first activities and initiatives related to movie industry were organized on the small island of Procida which counts 34 movie shots in its breathtaking location. In the rest of the world those activities and initiatives were connected to a precise trend: the movie-tourism.
In 2004 all these activities took the name of "Island of the Postman (Postino)" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the shooting of the movie "The Postman" and the death of its lead actor, Massimo Troisi. A memorable decade that was blessed by a concert of the awarded musician Luis Bacalov who composed the soundtrack of "The Postman".
Over the years those activities continued with the organization of movie-tours (guided tours on the sets of the movies filmed on the island of Procida), presentation of new books, conferences, and screenings.
In 2012 the traditional activities were joined by other events aimed at bringing out the indissoluble bond between Procida and the movie industry: a poetry contest, a photo contest and a competition of short films and documentaries.
In 2013, after a long journey made of love, passion for movies and commitment to the island, the original project group, led by Fabrizio Borgogna, along with many other friends decided to create the Procida Film Festival.
Thie Procida Film Festival aims at enabling a lot of people to meet and discuss about art work, in the magical and breathtaking setting of the island of Procida, which brought luck to many world-renowned filmakers that have started or confirmed their career in this small island. With this spirit and these credentials, we would like to invite filmakers and artists to submit their works to participate to the Procida Film Festival 2019.

The Jury shall be formed by prominent figures of the movie and cultural word. The Jury will award the following prizes:
Fabrizio Borgogna Award to the best short film;
Gennaro Magliulo Award to the best documentary;
Alessandro Selvaggio Award for the Panorama Campania category;
Corricella Award to the best animation movie;
Isola di Procida Award to the best students' work;
Graziella Award to the best work shot by women about women.
The event organizer will provide winners the opportunity to stay on the island of Procida for one week.

The contest is open to all directors, producers, etc., regardless of age, gender or nationality.
All works in all categories should reflect the Festival's theme.
Works of any type and language shall be accpeted only with Italian subtitles, provided that they were produced after January 1, 2017.
Each participant can submit up to three works.

The Festival's theme is: "Sport and Sea: a training for life."
The relationship between Sport and Sea, in the sense of challenging one's own limits and as a symbol of the core values related to sport, fully complying with the Olympic spirit of Pierre de Coubertin. Sport and Sea to narrate cultures and storie of populations, of small and big champions from yesterday to now.
Only works on this theme shall be admitted.

There are six categories:
1) Short movie;
2) Documentaries;
3) Animation movies;
4) Panorama Campania (reserved to movies produced in Campania, Italy by filmakers under 30);
5) Cinema è donna: works of women about women;
6) Category reserved to students of Universities, Academies and film schools

Each author is responsible for the content of his/her works and declares to be owner of all copyrights (direct and indirect) on the work itself.
The registration and acceptance of these rules imply the authorization to:
• Publicly show the submitted works during to the Procida Film Festival;
• Store the submitted works in the video archive of the Procida Film Festival;
• Show the submitted works in the future, with the consent of the author and/or producers, for educational, social and cultural purposes;
• Use the submitted works for marketing activities as well as to publish their data on the website and to disseminate them to the press for promotional purposes.
Copies will not be returned and will become part of the video archive of the Procida Film Festival.
The authors and/or producers of the submitted works authorize the screening and dissemination (TV, online) of short sequences of the event for promotional purposes (up to 2 minutes for any work submitted to the Festival).

Overall Rating
  • Per Anderson

    I had a wonderful time at the Procida Film Festival. Three days of quality film, discussion, fashion, food & wine. It was great meeting notable Italian filmmakers and writers (such as Anna Pavignano). Procida island has a notable cinematic history. I was inspired to make more films because of this event. If your film is selected for this festival, definitely go!

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Per, thank you for the nice words you had for us. We are extremely glad to have had the opportunity to meet you. Will keep you posted about future developments. Would appreciate if you do the same. Hope to hear soon from you. Ciao!

  • Radioactive Dreams Distribution

    Great Festival, great people, great place!!

    June 2018