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Prision of glass

A retired policeman named Keizer has a case on his hands, a new sect has emerged in his city, and many young people separate from their families by entering it. Not having any evidence that allows him to continue investigating, he decides to take the case independently and find out what is going on inside him. To fulfil his goal, he uses two young men he has been following for a long time: Valentine and Paul, two boys who ran away from home and entered the world of drugs, and Josie, his granddaughter. Once he gathers them all he introduces them to the sect posing as strangers and a few weeks later, Josie begins to notice symptoms that she is losing her memory. The chief, Willen de Vries, discovers that they are spys and manipulates her to thwart Keizer's plans. The second part of the film is divided into two timelines: The past and the present. In each of them, we can explore what has led her to make the decisions she makes and how she ends up in a hospital room without remembering anything.

  • Alex Font
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    Cárcel de cristal
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Writer - Alex Font